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Everyday Affirmations Positive Psychology (Biden-Harris Edition) - Destiny S Harris

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Here is a summary of positive psychology and everyday affirmations:

Positive psychology is an area of psychology that focuses on human flourishing and optimal functioning. It examines factors that contribute to positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

Everyday affirmations is a book that provides daily positive affirmations to help shape one’s mindset and perspective. Affirmations are positive statements repeated to oneself to help override negative thoughts and influence emotions and behaviors.

The book includes over 200 affirmations covering topics like self-esteem, confidence, health, fitness, work, relationships, goals, gratitude and more. Examples include affirmations for accepting feelings, clear skin, being adaptable, overcoming addiction, and not being addicted to affirmations.

The author’s goal is to positively inspire readers through daily optimism. Using affirmations each day can help navigate life’s challenges by mastering positive self-talk. Reading selected affirmations tailored to one’s situation can provide a valuable but straightforward daily dose of empowerment.

The reflections focus on developing positive self-identity, courage, confidence and emotional strength. Specific themes addressed include overcoming fears, insecurities, weakness and being driven by negativity. Other topics covered are feeling youthful, mental and emotional well-being, making healthy choices, maintaining good relationships, letting go of regret and bitterness, responding to difficulties with forgiveness, calmness and understanding. Overall the reflections emphasize cultivating inner peace, strength, optimism and living fully without being held back by past hurts or circumstances.

I express positive affirmations about myself, including that I am empowered, confident, secure, unique, living my best life, and more than good enough.

I do not bully others or abuse power. I am accepting of all and do not tear others down.

My emotions do not rule me. I am emotionally and mentally healthy and stable. I think before making decisions and am self-aware.

I am calm, thankful to be alive, and a responsible driver if in a car crash. I understand shit happens if I have car troubles and can afford repairs.

I am thriving and advancing in my career through skills, leadership, growth, and staying out of my comfort zone.

I am centered, balanced, calm, grateful, and strive for stability.

I am a champion, winner, resilient, focused, determined person who never gives up on my dreams.

I make healthy, thoughtful choices and witness fruit from my decisions.

I am calm and grateful during holidays, not stressing about gifts or routines.

I am independent and do not get overly involved in others’ issues or let others make decisions for me.

I do not stay in my comfort zone but constantly challenge myself.

I am an excellent communicator who is confident, secure, captivating and well-liked.

I do not compare myself to others but celebrate others’ success.

I am a winner who is mentally and physically strong when competing.

I am confident, assertive, and genuine with strong boundaries.

I think clearly and make purposeful decisions knowing my purpose and truth.

I value genuine connections and am socially healthy and agreeable.

I am consistent, emotionally stable, and stick to my commitments.

I am content, thankful and at peace with who I am.

I am creative and tap into my unique imagination.

I am a light with a beautiful soul, mind and heart who is thankful for life.

I am financially wise and thriving through intelligent decisions and strong foundations.

I accept my past and am resilient, never accepting defeat when disappointed.

  • Expressing confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset. Being a winner, not a failure or disappointment. Accepting feelings and moving consistently forward in life.

  • Highlighting qualities of discipline like self-control, order, routine, self-restraint, saying no, maintaining boundaries.

  • It’s okay to feel discouraged sometimes as long as one chooses to be resilient, lift themselves up, be strong, encourage themselves with motivation and optimism.

  • Affirming being free of disease, sickness, pain, surrounded by love, positivity and caring people. Taking care of one’s health and investing in it.

  • Being content and grateful for what one has rather than feeling dissatisfied. Not chasing feelings or comparing to others.

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries and not taking on more than one can handle or proving anything to anyone. Prioritizing mental, physical, emotional health.

  • Not being addicted to or seeking out drama. Being comfortable with peace and having a balanced, relaxed life.

  • Dreaming big and being an active dreamer who never gives up on dreams. Being ambitious, focused, determined, and passionate. Prioritizing dreams above distractions.

  • Being driven towards success, ambitious, focused on goals, unstoppable, and determined to improve. Taking action and prioritizing time efficiently.

  • Not abusing drugs or medication, and dealing with issues before they get out of control. Valuing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

  • Expressing empowerment through many positive qualities and affirming being financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually healthy and blessed.

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries and not enabling unhealthy behaviors in others. Loves others genuinely while letting them take responsibility.

  • Having high energy through nutritious diet, exercise, optimism, positive people and holistic health investments. Being motivated.

  • Being environmentally conscious about resource use like water, electricity, food waste, and educating oneself on such issues.

  • Taking care of oneself through rest, mindfulness, peace, calm, gratitude and time for mental/physical/eye/feet recovery.

  • Being a winner, overcomer, champion, number one, resilient, and never giving up or staying down after failures.

  • Avoiding family drama by having best relationships possible, letting go of what cannot change, and being responsible for only one’s own life and decisions.

  • Expressing being favored, well-liked, helped by others who enjoy making life easier, blessed and protected. Seeing oneself positively.

  • Affirming financial independence, security, preparation, productivity, savings, abundance, being debt-free, wise with money, making money work, and being financially free.

  • Loving and feeling confident in oneself rather than looking to fit in with others or feeling the need to be like others. Being genuine, unique and who one is.

  • Being flexible, adaptable, open-minded, mutable, transformative and constantly learning.

Here is a summary of the prompts:

  • Many of the prompts encourage positive thinking, growth, and living life in a healthy, balanced way. They promote being grateful, letting go of the past, accepting life’s changes, focusing on goals, and surrounding oneself with supportive people.

  • Other prompts address specific issues like food/gaming addiction, forgetfulness, hoarding, etc. and provide affirmations for overcoming unhealthy behaviors and habits.

  • Topics like work, friendships, holidays and humor encourage making the most of those aspects of life in a relaxed, balanced manner.

  • Affirmations for emotions/states of being promote happiness, high moods, calmness, genuineness and embracing who you are.

  • Overall the prompts provide positive affirmations and mindsets for living life to the fullest in a healthy, balanced and growth-oriented way. They encourage letting go of stress, negative behaviors and embracing life’s challenges with resilience.

Here is a summary of the statements under “e.“:

  • I forgive those who have hurt me and do not hold bitterness towards them.

  • I deal with any hurt feelings I experience in a healthy way.

  • I let go of negative energy and do not harbour resentment.

  • I maintain a respectful attitude when speaking about those who have hurt me.

  • I have a high sense of self-respect and do not let others damage my self-image.

  • After dealing with hurt feelings, I am able to let them go and not dwell on the past.

So in summary, the statements encourage forgiving others, dealing with hurt feelings in a constructive manner, letting go of negativity, speaking respectfully of others even if hurt, maintaining self-respect, and moving on after addressing hurt feelings.

Here is a summary of the provided affirmations:

The affirmations promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. They emphasize living healthily, maintaining self-care, being organized, motivated, patient, and optimistic. Affirmations address releasing stress, pain, unhealthy habits, and negative mindsets like pessimism, pride and prejudice. They promote emotional strength, independence, forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness and living fully in the present moment. Affirmations also focus on nurturing relationships, financial stability, and valuing oneself and others. The overall message is cultivating inner peace and balance across all aspects of life.

Here is a summary of the affirmations:

The affirmations promote positive behaviors and mindsets related to various topics like selflessness, consideration, active listening, productivity, anti-racism, living without regret, self-love, relaxation, financial planning, forgiveness, patience, anti-revenge, self-care, self-confidence, self-growth, self-reliance, and self-respect.

The affirmations for each topic emphasize qualities like kindness, empathy, focus, organization, decision making, optimism, understanding others, health, gratitude, contentment, wisdom, responsibility, independence, and respect for self and others.

Overall, the affirmations are designed to encourage developing beneficial personal strengths and interpersonal skills, as well as maintaining mental, emotional and physical well-being. The language used reinforces projecting and embracing strengths, living purposefully and responsibly, nurturing healthy relationships, and cultivating self-love and acceptance.

Here is a summary of the key themes:

  • Developing self-love, self-worth and confidence. Believing in one’s value and capabilities.

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries and relationships. Letting go of hurtful people and unhealthy behaviors.

  • Being grateful for one’s capabilities, health and independence. Appreciating what you have.

  • Prioritizing mental health, emotional well-being and inner peace. Avoiding stress, addiction and negativity.

  • Valuing compassion for others while also caring for oneself. Giving without being selfish.

  • Defining success on one’s own terms and enjoying the journey rather than outcomes. Living fully in the present.

  • Seeking help and support when needed rather than struggling alone. Recognizing one’s resilience and potential.

  • Fostaining a positive mindset and optimistic perspective on life. Choosing gratitude over difficulties.

The overall themes are around developing self-love, healthy living, mental well-being, appreciation, boundaries, meaning/purpose and optimism. It encourages shifting one’s internal dialogue to empowering and uplifting thoughts.

Here is a summary of the provided affirmations:

The person is grateful for different aspects of their life like being able to read, the food and love they have, thanksgiving, and their ability to give to and bless others. They are grateful for overcoming trials and setbacks.

They realize perfection is abstract and do not need to live up to others’ expectations. They set reasonable goals and expectations for themselves. Everyone has imperfections and they are their own person who goes after what they want without needing to prove anything.

They are a thoughtful person who thinks of others’ well-being often, is kind, giving, empathetic, and helps others. They are self-aware and give healthy love to others.

When facing trials they learn from mistakes and are constantly improving. They find the positive and are grateful. They have a support system and can get through difficulties. They are emotionally and mentally strong with a strong spirit and will thrive.

They do not spend most of their time as a TV addict and have productive hobbies.

They see themselves as beautiful, flawless, attractive and like, love and admire themselves.

They appreciate themselves and others, communicate feelings clearly, and treat others as they want to be.

They are satisfied with what they have and choose gratitude over upgrading addictions or going into debt.

They affirm positive health, a calm mind, and being free of sickness, pain, anxiety and negativity when facing an upset stomach.

They take vacations to rejuvenate without guilt by planning ahead.

They are wise, think before acting/speaking, and are careful with thoughts and words.

They actively dream and work toward goals rather than wishing. They are focused, driven and constantly improving.

They have interests outside work and do not let it define them. They prioritize various life aspects.

They maintain healthy boundaries and respect at work.

They focus on positivity, being blessed and stress-free at their workplace.

They affirm protection, grace, favor, fearlessness, boldness, independence, strength and security to reduce worry.

I do not have enough context to summarize or comment on the provided passages. They appear to be prompts or samples related to creating affirmations, leaving reviews, sharing content, and author notes. Without more details on the overall work, I cannot construct a meaningful high-level summary.

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