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How I'd make $10k per month if my life depended on it - Inglês (gerada automaticamente)

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  • The speaker describes 3 tiers of opportunities to make $10,000 per month:

    1. Selling painkiller solutions through cold outreach like email and calling. Target advertisers. Aim for 2 clients per week.
    2. SAS affiliate marketing. Promote reoccurring software like Clickfunnels or Hubspot. Aim for 28-84 customers through targeted outreach.
    3. High ticket sales. The quickest way. Can make $10k+ per month selling high-priced products or services. The speaker got his start in sales at age 16.
  • For tier 1, the example given is helping Google ads customers with SEO to replace ad spending. Pitching services like SEO, funnels, or video.

  • Tier 2 examples given are Clickfunnels (40% commissions) and Hubspot (30% commissions). The “Godfather strategy” is pitching the software for free in exchange for signing up through your affiliate link.

  • For tier 3, the speaker recommends modeling your approach after popular online creators who monetize through high ticket product/course sales. Sales experience is valuable but not required to get started.

  • Key advice is focusing on painkiller solutions, reoccurring/scalable income models, and reaching prospects through digital outreach like email, calls, videos. The opportunity is selling solutions that help businesses get more customers.

The passage discusses high ticket sales programs and how to get a job doing high ticket closing. It involves being able to convert prospects or fans into paying customers over the phone.

It advises to contact companies you want to work for via Instagram DMs and ask if they need any sales closers, as there is a shortage of qualified people.

To get an opportunity, you need to bring value to the company, such as skills, scripts, or sales techniques. The author has given opportunities to people who contacted them with useful information.

While high ticket sales may seem difficult if you have no experience, you can learn everything you need through online resources like YouTube, Reddit groups, Facebook groups, or sales books/scripts. The author encourages upskilling for free to get started without money.

The key is to not just copy others, but study how successful people climbed to the top through dedication and effort, not shortcuts. With the right preparation and reaching out strategically, it’s possible to earn $10,000 per month in high ticket sales.

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