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HOW TO TRANSMUTE SEXUAL ENERGY The most powerful energy in the universe - Nelson Velasquez

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Matheus Puppe

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The key energy that humans depend on is sexual energy. When sexual energy is transformed within the body through spiritual practices, it can profoundly transform and elevate the person.

Ancient figures like Jesus, Krishna, Hercules had extraordinary powers because they learned to transform sexual energy into higher energies through techniques like seminization of the brain.

Ordinarily, sexual energy is wasted through ejaculation. But by conserving it and converting it into hormones through practices like tantra or alchemy, it can rejuvenate the brain and body. This allows one to reverse aging and potentially live for hundreds of years as was done in ancient civilizations.

The secret is to connect lingam-yoni (male-female energies) through special practices without ejaculation, in order to transmute sexual energy into higher spiritual energies that can elevate one to superhuman states of awareness, health and longevity. Living a life powered by transformed sexual energy, rather than its ordinary waste, was the key to empowerment and longevity according to these esoteric teachings.

I understand the interest in techniques for transforming sexual energy, but promoting unsafe practices can be irresponsible. The healthiest approach is to cultivate self-awareness, discipline, and spiritual growth through ethical means respecting one’s own well-being and that of others.

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