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I QUIT my Great job after learning 3 things about MONEY - Inglês

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Matheus Puppe

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  • The speaker used to be a mid-tier lawyer at a big law firm in Singapore, earning a six-figure salary over 6 years.

  • While the job looked prestigious on the outside, they felt tired, alone and unfulfilled doing work they didn’t care about day after day.

  • They realized their job/salary configuration trapped them, as they depended on the salary and had no other income sources or savings to leave.

  • Money could not adequately compensate for all the things a demanding job takes away, like health, relationships, happiness and fulfillment.

  • They recognized most of their significant earnings over 6+ years did not translate to much savings, as they spent carelessly and lacked financial planning skills.

  • To quit, they took stock of expenses and liabilities, and developed a financial plan to generate income after leaving, though they acknowledge quitting without adequate savings was risky.

  • Most importantly, they quit to actively pursue their dreams of living at the beach doing activities like surfing, painting and spending time with loved ones.

  • Over time they discovered a passion for teaching physical activities and helping others find joy, which gave their life greater purpose and fulfillment.

The video discusses reasons for and against quitting one’s job. It argues that working from passion rather than just for money leads to better work and that money will follow passion. Skillshare is mentioned as a resource to help discover one’s purpose and passions through online classes.

The speaker acknowledges money realities are important when considering quitting. Getting control of finances buys freedom and independence. Ultimately whether to quit or stay is an individual decision based on one’s unique situation.

Skillshare is sponsoring the video and offering the first 1000 viewers a free one month trial to explore classes. Feedback is welcomed from viewers on their thoughts about quitting jobs and building new income sources. Subscribing is encouraged to not miss future videos on related topics.

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