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People We Meet on Vacation - Emily Henry

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  • The narrator has reached out to her old friend Alex via text after not speaking for two years. They reminisce about good memories from their friendship, like a memorable summer road trip they took together years ago.

  • Feeling optimistic based on Alex’s responses, the narrator invites Alex to hang out again in person. She also asks if he wants to go on another trip together before the school year starts. She’s nervous waiting for his response, hoping he will say yes.

  • The story then flashes back 11 years to when the narrator and Alex first met during their freshman year of college. They had briefly encountered each other at orientation but barely spoke. Now they find themselves carpooling home for the summer, greeting each other awkwardly. It’s suggested they have some history or unresolved tension, hinted at by the two-year silence in the present-day storyline.

  • Overall, the summary establishes that the narrator and Alex were once close friends but grew apart for unexplained reasons. The narrator seems to regret this and is hoping to rekindle their friendship, as evidenced by her extending the invitations to Alex. The flashback also foreshadows that their friendship likely started out complicated, building anticipation about what exactly led to their two-year estrangement.

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The narrator and her old friend Alex were once very close but haven’t stayed in close contact. However, they seem to be rekindling their friendship.

  • Poppy and Alex bond during a drive to move into their college dorm, getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Alex invites Poppy to go karaoke over the summer.

  • Poppy plans a cheap trip to Palm Springs for her and Alex like they used to take. She worries Alex’s relationship with his ex Sarah could affect their friendship but is determined to have a fun trip.

  • The narrator flies to LAX to see Alex for the first time in two years. Despite being nervous, their reunion hug feels natural and comforting.

  • A flashback shows Poppy and Alex becoming close friends in college. Poppy comforts Alex on a turbulent flight, his first time flying. There are hints of romantic tension between them.

  • Poppy and Alex go on a road trip adventure in a rundown rental car. Though awkward at first, they quickly fall into their familiar joking dynamic, showing their strong bond.

  • Poppy tells Alex about her difficult time in high school. Alex is very understanding and protective. They arrive at their new apartment for the summer.

  • In Palm Springs for a wedding, Poppy and Alex discover there is only one bed in their Airbnb, adding to the awkwardness in their relationship recently. The weather is extremely hot.

Overall, the summary establishes Poppy and Alex’s long history and close friendship, though there have been ups and downs. They seem to be in a transitional period where they’re reconnecting and rediscovering their bond.

  • The narrator and her friend Alex go on a road trip to San Francisco and wine country. To get free drinks and discounts, they pretend to be newlyweds.

  • The narrator’s boyfriend is Julian, a carefree artist. Though the narrator likes his freewheeling lifestyle, her friend Alex disapproves of him.

  • After drinking a lot of wine, the narrator starts crying and expresses fears that only her parents will ever really love her. Alex comforts her and says he loves her. The narrator realizes her emotions were partly due to her period.

  • A bartender suggests they visit the Blue Heron Inn. In their wine-induced state, they decide to check it out.

  • The summary highlights the close friendship between the narrator and Alex, her less serious relationship with Julian, and how emotions and alcohol led to a spontaneous decision to visit the inn recommended by the bartender.

• Poppy recently broke up with her boyfriend Guillermo after he visited her family and seemed to look down on them. The breakup has been difficult financially and emotionally for Poppy.

• A resort offered Poppy a free stay, though it was unclear if she could afford to go due to her circumstances. Poppy values her eccentric, loving family even if others don’t understand them.

• Poppy debated warning Guillermo what to expect from her messy, loud family before the visit but didn’t want to seem embarrassed by them. At first, Guillermo said he understood Poppy better after meeting them, but his tone suggested he found them hard to be around.

• Poppy felt rejected, though she had only kept her family separate to protect them from judgment. The visit highlighted incompatibility between Poppy and Guillermo’s values and acceptance of unconventional ways of living.

• Overall, the summary shows Poppy’s closeness with her unique family, her hesitance to introduce them to Guillermo, Guillermo’s implied judgment of them that led to the breakup, and Poppy’s financial difficulties in the aftermath but refusal to regret protecting her family. The free resort stay represents an opportunity for escape that Poppy isn’t sure she can take.

The summary covers the key details around Poppy’s family, her ex Guillermo, their breakup following his visit with her family, her financial challenges, the free resort stay opportunity, and Poppy’s perspective on valuing her loved ones above the judgments of others. The summary ties these details together to give an overview of Poppy’s values, circumstances, and what the visit and breakup revealed about her incompatibility with Guillermo.

Here is a summary of the key events and details:

  • The narrator, Poppy, plans a surprise trip to Sweden and Norway for her and her friend Alex. She pitches it to her editor at work and gets approval to go.

  • In the weeks leading up to the trip, Poppy gets very sick with a bad cold or allergies. Her illness gets worse the night before the trip, developing into a high fever and body aches. She has to cancel the trip at the last minute.

  • Poppy’s editor, Swapna, emails her telling her not to feel bad about canceling the trip. Swapna says they’ll send their photographer to continue with the planned photos and Poppy can join when she’s feeling better. Swapna reassures Poppy that she’s a great writer and they’re lucky to have her.

  • Poppy tells Alex to go on the trip without her. Alex comes to check on Poppy and finds her in very bad shape. He helps take care of her and takes her to the doctor, where she’s diagnosed with pneumonia. Alex continues to care for Poppy during her recovery.

  • Although Alex missed his own trip, he says he only cares about spending time with Poppy. They share an intimate moment together, kissing passionately on the balcony during a rainstorm. Alex asks for Poppy’s consent at each new level of intimacy. The scene ends with Alex starting to kiss down Poppy’s neck and chest.

  • The key events foreshadow Poppy and Alex’s breakup, as Poppy struggles with wanting to share all of herself in a relationship but fearing judgment from the people she cares about. Their intimate encounter shows the chemistry and connection between them.

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  • Poppy and Alex hooked up on the balcony of their beachfront rental during a rainstorm. Though it was an amazing experience for both of them, Alex seemed distant the next morning which worried Poppy.

  • Their landlord, Nikolai, informed them the AC for their wing of units was broken. He refunded them for the trip and suggested they find other accommodations. Nikolai came back and returned something he found on their welcome mat.

  • Poppy and her boyfriend Trey went to visit Poppy’s hometown of Linfield for her friend Mr. Nilsen’s 60th birthday. Poppy was eager to leave Linfield due to past events but stayed for the party. Poppy was nervous for Trey to meet Alex, her important friend. Their first meeting was awkward but improved. Poppy’s grandma Betty said she liked Trey but wished Alex knew Poppy loved him.

  • Poppy, Trey, Alex and his girlfriend Sarah went on a couples trip to Tuscany. Despite initial wariness of Sarah, the trip went well and they bonded. A discussion about reality TV gave Poppy a chance to explain what she found interesting in the shows.

  • Poppy woke up in the hotel room she was sharing with Alex. He had left a brief note about going for a run. Poppy worried he was upset by what happened between them and wanted to avoid drama during their trip.

  • Alex brought Poppy coffee after his run. They spent the day by the pool, flirting and hooking up. They were late to their friend David’s bachelor party. David didn’t seem to mind and invited them to make themselves at home.

  • Poppy felt guilty upon learning Alex was going to propose to his ex, Sarah. Alex confirmed it was true but said of course he loved Sarah, they were together for years. Poppy realized she had always asked for what she wanted from Alex, even if it wasn’t best for him, and he always put her first.

  • At the rehearsal dinner, Poppy and Alex discussed their past. Alex admitted he remembered everything about Poppy. Poppy said that meant he lied when he said he didn’t remember, but Alex said he only said that to preserve his dignity.

  • They ran into Alex’s father, Ed. Alex stopped holding Poppy’s hand when Ed approached. There was an awkward exchange where Poppy joked Ed could call her Ed too, embarrassing Alex. Poppy offered condolences for the loss of Alex’s mother, Betty. Ed cried, saying he didn’t know how they’d get through the weekend without her.

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