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Super Attractor - Gabrielle Bernstein

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  • Gabrielle Bernstein believes we are all connected to a higher spiritual presence or nonphysical power, which she calls the Universe, God, spirit, etc. Connecting to this is important.

  • She describes herself as a “Super Attractor” - someone who can use their thoughts, emotions and beliefs to attract whatever they want into their life. Being a Super Attractor means what you believe is what you receive.

  • As a Super Attractor, she doesn’t claim her life is perfect, but she can navigate challenges with more grace and freedom because of her strong connection to this higher power.

  • She wants to teach others how to reclaim their own Super Attractor powers through strengthening their spiritual connection and changing how they think. Her previous book focused on restoring faith, and this book takes it a step further in teaching manifestation techniques.

  • The key is learning to align your energy and vibration with your “truth” and the presence of a higher power, in order to feel truly free from fear and limitations. You too have this innate Super Attractor ability.

  • The book aims to help readers reclaim their “Super Attractor” power and live as powerful manifestors. It acknowledges that some concepts may be new, while others may already be on a spiritual path.

  • Common ways people block their Super Attractor power are: forgetting their power, “manic manifesting” through ritual without alignment, being a “pusher” trying to control outcomes, being gripped by fear, and judging others.

  • The book is divided into chapters teaching methods to align with the Universe, feel good, believe in abundance, and have fun - which builds attractor power.

  • Chapter 1 focuses on clarifying requests to the Universe and distinguishing the voice of fear from inner power.

  • Chapter 2 addresses overcoming resistance to feeling good and worthiness in order to attract good things.

  • Chapter 3 teaches transcending lack and comparison by positively wishing for others’ abundance.

  • Chapter 4 emphasizes the creative power of joy and fun in manifesting through vibration.

  • Practicing the cumulative methods is intended to help readers fully claim their Super Attractor presence and enjoy an empowered life of ease, purpose and inspiration.

This introduction discusses how writing this book is helping the author reconnect with her own spiritual practice and “Super Attractor” power, even while helping guide others. She shares an experience where she felt like a “fraud” helping others manifest when she was personally struggling.

The chapters will cover:

  • Chapter 1: Having faith that the universe always delivers
  • Chapter 2: Tuning into joy and trusting life’s challenges lead to joy
  • Chapter 3: Understanding true power comes from love and light, not achievements
  • Chapter 4: A meditation to “lift the veil” and tap into love
  • Chapter 5: Connecting with spiritual guides like angels for help/guidance
  • Chapter 6: Surrendering desires to the universe and doing less to attract more
  • Chapter 7: Clarifying intentions and taking aligned actions to manifest
  • Chapter 8: Developing the daily habit of appreciation to dissolve resistance
  • Chapter 9: Surrendering fully to miracles and letting the universe lead the way
  • Chapter 10: Maintaining unshakable faith that help is always on the way
  • Chapter 11: Living in spiritual alignment at all times and being a force for love

The overall goal is for readers to claim their inherent “Super Attractor” power, understand true abundance comes from non-physical energies like love, learn to cooperate with the universe, maintain joy, and become empowered to positively impact others.

  • The author explains how negative, fear-based thoughts can take on a momentum of their own and start to manifest problems in our lives through the law of attraction. She gave an example of how repeatedly thinking “if I don’t do it, no one else will” during a book launch tour led her to feel unsupported and remain out of alignment.

  • Signs of being out of alignment include feeling stressed, controlled, resentful, and physically unwell. Alignment brings joy, creativity, hopefulness and ease as the universe supports you.

  • She hit a low point during the book tour from controlling thoughts and patterns. But one night, she decided to change her story, ask for help, and realign with the universe’s supportive flow. Within seconds, she felt better as her energy shifted.

  • The key to realignment is wanting it - we can forgive fears and choose again in any moment. Difficult situations reveal what we need to heal and are opportunities for growth. By seeing issues as teachers and being grateful, we redirect our power toward what we desire.

  • Addictions can similarly be seen as teachers once we choose love and forgiveness over shame. Every challenge contains wisdom if embraced as a learning experience rather than something that defines us. Overall the passage is about how mindset and thought patterns can impact our lives and health, both positively and negatively, through the principle of attraction. Choosing alignment brings ease while resistance perpetuates problems.

The passage discusses a three-step method called “Choose Again” to shift one’s thoughts from negative or misaligned to positive and aligned.

Step 1 is to notice when you’re feeling negative, out of alignment or stuck in fears. Write down how you feel.

Step 2 is to forgive yourself for being misaligned. Thank the negative thoughts for showing you what you don’t want and clarifying what you do want.

Step 3 is to choose a better-feeling, more positive thought. Ask the universe to guide you to this thought. Write it down as a prayer.

Practicing this helps redirect your energy from negative to positive and reconnects you to the universe’s support. It’s a way to shift out of problems and attract solutions.

The method seems simple but can shift years of negative patterns. The key is becoming aware of misalignment and choosing again. Practicing it strengthens your connection to the universe and ability to manifest what you desire. It’s about recognizing, forgiving and choosing a better-feeling direction in each moment.

  • The passage encourages choosing alignment with the Universe instead of negativity and fear. It says the Universe is always conspiring to support and guide us toward the highest good.

  • When we are focused on fear, we deflect this support and guidance. But when we surrender, the Universe is there to help us. We don’t need to wait until we feel desperate - surrender should be our first choice, not last resort.

  • The Choose Again method helps communicate clearly with the Universe. In areas of life where we resist guidance, dominant thoughts are still aligned with fear. Various practices like therapy and surrender can help reorganize these beliefs.

  • A belief is just a thought we keep thinking. When we choose a new thought, a shift will occur quickly rather than taking decades. We can make choosing love and surrender our habit.

  • When we surrender, we are offered resolution and guidance from the Universe. We will receive “Good Orderly Direction” and intuitive ideas on where to go and what to say.

  • Prayer and surrender to a higher power can take any form, like simply choosing better thoughts. The methods in the book strengthen our faith in the Universal energy of love.

  • Practicing the methods gradually shifts our perceptions and aligns us with the “Super Attractor” power that is always available. It is a subtle but potent shift from darkness to light.

  • The passage encourages starting the day by saying positive affirmations out loud to shift one’s energy and mindset. It provides a sample list of uplifting mantras.

  • Repeating these mantras can help clear mental blocks, release resistance, and set oneself up for a positive day. Even 5 minutes of affirmations can change the direction of the day.

  • The author invites the reader to make this daily affirmation practice part of their routine as it has brought the author much joy.

  • Children can also benefit from such a morning practice to feel empowered starting their day.

  • However, once one begins to feel good, the ego/inner voice of fear may resist these positive feelings. The next chapter will discuss how to become aware of and address the ego’s resistance to feeling good.

  • The overall message is that positive affirmations and intentions can greatly support shifting one’s energy and alignment, even on days when positive beliefs are not fully there yet. Making it a routine can create tangible benefits.

The passage describes how the author adopted a mantra of “Everything is happening around me and I’m truly taken care of” to help shift her mindset from feeling like she had to do everything herself to letting go and trusting that things would work out.

She would repeat this mantra throughout the day and also spend time in meditation envisioning a scenario where she felt totally supported and relaxed. Over months of regular practice, she started to notice tangible changes - without realizing it, she had attracted two new people to help her and was delegating responsibilities more.

Adopting this mantra and visualization practice helped her finally release her fear of not being supported and the belief that she alone was responsible for everything. As a result, she could focus on her role as a spiritual teacher rather than being consumed by workload. Feeling good through this mantra guided her toward attracting what she truly wanted.

  • The methods in this section are designed to raise your vibration by focusing on positive feelings and aligning with what you want to attract.

  • You should commit to using affirmations regularly through reminders like phone alarms.

  • Spend 10 minutes daily meditating on your affirmation and how it makes you feel. Write in a journal first to cultivate positive emotions.

  • Allow the flow of universal guidance by trusting signs and synchronicities that arise when you’re in a good feeling state.

  • Make feeling good a regular practice through affirmations, meditation, and enjoyable activities. Schedule fun things the way you would meetings.

  • It’s important to give yourself permission to feel good, even when things aren’t going as planned. Use affirmations or activities to shift your emotions.

  • Be aware of the words you use and hear from others, as words impact your vibration. Practice uplifting self-talk and setting boundaries when needed.

The overall message is that regularly focusing on positive emotions through daily spiritual practices like affirmations and meditation will help align you with your desires by raising your energetic vibration. Letting go of control and prioritizing feeling good states is key to attracting what you want.

  • Words have power to direct us down positive or negative paths. The author noticed their company mantra had become negative due to the language they were using about being overwhelmed.

  • Choosing positive language like “We are blessed” and focusing on fulfillment turned things around for their team. They realized the importance of being conscious of how language affects others’ energy.

  • It’s also important to protect your own energy from negative words. The author had to start deflecting negative fertility stories that were affecting her positive momentum. Committing to feeling good made her immune to such stories.

  • As you start experiencing positive results from these practices, fear may try to sabotage your good feelings by questioning if things are “too good to be true.” Be aware of this tactic and use the Choose Again method to shift back to positive thoughts when fear arises.

  • Don’t expect instant changes in all areas - the goal is enjoying the process. Have satisfaction with current circumstances while reaching for more, in order to keep good energy flowing. Commit to these practices to become a “Super Attractor” for positivity.

  • The chapter discusses common blocks and fears people have when stepping into their power and pursuing their dreams, such as lack of confidence, resources, or support.

  • Seven specific blocks are identified: believing in lack, thinking there’s not enough to go around, comparing oneself to others, the need to win at the expense of having fun, chasing money/success, constantly proving oneself, and thinking ideas can be stolen.

  • Comparing oneself to others is a major block to attracting abundance because it shifts the focus outward instead of inward on one’s feelings. It reinforces feelings of inadequacy.

  • Thinking there’s a limited amount of success, money, opportunities available causes people to avoid pursuing their desires out of fear. But the universe is abundant and there is “more than enough to go around.”

  • The need to win or fear of losing comes from a place of lack and scarcity. Shifting to focus on fun instead of competition puts one in a joyful state that is more conducive to success.

  • Various methods will be discussed to help overcome these common blocks by developing confidence, tapping into inner abundance, and aligning with the universe’s flow.

  • The key messages are to focus on enjoying the process rather than outcomes, and to find happiness from within rather than depending on external validation like winning.

  • The author emphasizes letting go of results and allowing the universe to back you up when you surrender control and don’t worry about winning or losing. They say competing just to win can create negativity, while deriving joy from the activity itself is healthier.

  • Several potential “blocks” to attracting your desires are discussed, like fearing rejection, having a need-more mentality, and worrying about others’ judgments.

  • The author advocates seeing rejection as guidance or protection rather than failure, enjoying achievements without immediately needing more, and strengthening one’s own belief rather than being swayed by others’ doubts.

  • Overall the passage encourages having fun, believing in yourself, detaching from outcomes, and trusting the universe’s flow rather than clinging to specific goals or worrying what others think. This allows one to achieve with grace and ease according to their true potential.

  • Focusing on giving rather than getting can help get out of an energy of lack. Ask yourself daily “How can I serve?” to align with the Universe.

  • When others have what you want, celebrate their success rather than compare yourself. Seeing their joy or abundance can inspire you for your own goals.

  • Wanting more for others expansively puts you in an energy of abundance because it feels good. The Universe will respond in kind when you genuinely want others to be abundant too.

  • Comparing yourself to others leads to feeling of lack as if there’s not enough for everyone. Instead of comparing fertility journeys, celebrate friends’ motherhood to lift yourself out of struggle.

  • Shifting attention from what you lack to celebrating what others have can redirect your energy from neediness to one of receiving what you want too through inspired action.

The key is to get out of an ego mindset of comparison or judgment and instead focus on being genuinely happy for others’ success so the Universe mirrors that abundant energy back to you.

  • The author encountered a 9-year-old boy, Jack, who was disappointed after failing to make the “majors” baseball team at his tryouts.

  • Instead of trying to immediately relieve Jack’s pain, the author let him express his negative emotions and build momentum around the story. Forcing positive energy too quickly wouldn’t be effective.

  • The Emotional Guidance Scale lists emotions from high vibration (joy, appreciation) to low vibration (fear, despair). When low, one attracts negative experiences.

  • Rather than trying to jump from low to high emotions, one should make small moves up the scale through better-feeling thoughts. This shifts one’s vibration and point of attraction.

  • The author used the scale with Jack. Instead of forcing positivity, they guided him up the scale gradually through achievable, better-feeling thoughts to lift his energy out of the low place. This is a gentler way to return to joy.

The key message is that when feeling negative emotions, one should make gradual shifts to higher vibrational states through better-feeling thoughts, rather than trying to force positively too quickly. This guides one’s energy and attraction to a better place.

  • Jack came to talk with the author feeling despondent after not making his baseball team. He was experiencing emotions like fear, grief, desperation and despair.

  • The author compassionately listened to Jack and let him express his emotions without judgment. This helped Jack move up the emotional scale.

  • Jack moved from despair to feeling insecure, guilty and unworthy. Then to jealousy, hatred, rage and blame as he expressed his frustrations with the coaches.

  • Moving from a lower to higher emotion on the scale, even if still negative, is progress according to Abraham Hicks. Rage has more positive energy than despair.

  • The author gently guided Jack to keep identifying and expressing how he felt to keep moving up the scale, from blame to worry.

  • Jack eventually felt resolved without further guidance. Later, a distraction like watching soccer lifted his mood further to boredom and eventually passion.

  • Distraction is an effective way to move up the emotional scale by shifting one’s focus from negative to positive thoughts and emotions. Being of service to others can also help do this.

  • The key is to notice one’s emotions, choose a better-feeling thought even if unrelated, and keep guiding oneself step-by-step up the scale through distraction or self-talk when feeling low.

  • Focusing on what’s not working will only get you more of what’s not working. One way to improve your mood is to do something fun like exercising, spending time with friends, or listening to music.

  • Having fun and injecting joy into situations attracts more of what you want into your life, like relationships or career opportunities. Focusing too much on desires can have the opposite effect.

  • Smiling at others, striking up random conversations, and making small gestures of kindness towards coworkers can boost your own happiness levels.

  • When trying to manifest something new like a job or date, have fun in your current situation to maintain a high vibe. This clears blocks and speeds up the process.

  • Find small ways to bring joy into your day through hobbies, acts of self-care, or joking around with others. Introducing more fun shifts your energy and the energy around you to be more positive.

In summary, focusing on joy and happiness through fun activities is one of the fastest ways to improve your emotional state and attract what you want into your life. It opens invisible doors by clearing resistance and maintaining a high vibe.

  • Choosing to be in joy and maintain a high vibration is important, even when others around you are feeling negative. Your positive energy can lift others up.

  • You have the power to “light up a room” with your energy and presence alone, often without saying much.

  • It’s important to be aware of your energy and choose joy. Carry your “flashlight” of positive energy with you to shine light on darkness. Commiserating only makes things worse - shining your light is better.

  • Decide to recalibrate your energy to a positive frequency by choosing joy, reducing stress, and releasing resistance. Honoring suffering but choosing newness and joy as your birthright can create lasting change.

  • Even slight shifts toward positivity are meaningful. Ride the wave of positive emotions and thoughts, letting them move through you and take you further into joy.

  • Being “selfish” about maintaining your well-being and joy is important and actually allows you to more powerfully uplift and serve others. When we prioritize feeling inspired and happy, we bring more light to the world.

  • As we grow up, a “veil” develops between our spiritual selves and the physical world. We must work to lift this veil and reconnect with our innate spiritual sight and the realm of spirit beyond what our physical senses tell us. Having faith in something greater can get us through dark times.

The passage discusses the practice of lifting the veil between the physical/perception-based world and the spiritual realm of light, love and miracles. The author says they have made lifting this veil through daily spiritual devotion and practices like writing spiritual books. They believe this helps them see with “spiritual sight” and remain connected to the guiding light of the Universe rather than fearful perceptions.

One way the author stays committed is through writing books to help others understand spirituality. For their current book, they feel called to push spiritual boundaries further. They want to guide readers to lift the veil and see miracles waiting beyond the fears of the perceived world.

The author discusses how we have become convinced the physical world is our only reality, blinding us to spiritual light. From childhood we create a fearful worldview based on separation, judgment and scarcity. Lifting the veil helps remember we are spiritual beings having a human experience, bringing peace.

The passage analyzes how we turn away from spiritual love through tiny thoughts of separation, building up a perception-based dream separated from truth. This makes us unconsciously feel guilty for separating, overwhelming us. We must choose daily to lift the veil and see with spiritual sight rather than lean into fear-based thoughts.

The author shares a personal struggle with illness where focusing on bodily identification perpetuated problems. A friend’s reminder helped shift to spiritual identification, bringing healing faith. They encourage embracing a spiritual-light perspective beyond perception-based darkness.

  • The author argues that the only way to escape the darkness of this world is to choose to see the light as often as possible. Seeing the light requires suspending disbelief and making it a practice to see through the lens of light.

  • The author recounts a personal experience of seeing “light episodes” where they saw streaks of light during meditation. This reminded them they are not just a physical body but free spirit.

  • They now look for light wherever they go, though sometimes get distracted by fear. But the light is always there for us to choose to see.

  • When perceiving darkness, do not judge yourself - it is an opportunity to get closer to spirit. Forgive yourself for choosing darkness in the past.

  • Actively choose to see situations and experiences in the light rather than darkness by asking yourself this question. This invites spiritual help.

  • The author shares how choosing to redirect focus from online negativity to helping others through messages brought a spiritual awakening and experience of miracles.

  • Celebrate choosing light over darkness. Measure spiritual growth not by ease of life but ease with which you choose love over fear. Meditation can also help transcend the physical world and perceive the light.

The passage discusses the benefits of meditation and how it can help lift the veil from the fear-based perceptions of the world. It describes meditation as a pathway to connecting with one’s inner light and spiritual presence.

When meditating, one can surrender their will and ego to their higher self/guidance. This allows healing and creative ideas to surface. It offers reprieve from fear and attachment. By releasing resistance, one can experience the world beyond physical perceptions.

The pathway to aligning with the universe begins with the stillness of meditation. Even brief moments of faith through meditation can change one’s perspective forever. It establishes an experience of light beyond fears.

The passage includes instructions for a guided meditation visualization. It describes imagining walking across a bridge from darkness into light. In the light, one feels at peace, love, support and sees without fear or past attachments.

Bringing the light of meditation into daily life is encouraged. True power comes from spiritual connection and living in light, not worldly achievements. Guidance is always available to help lift the veil from fear and return to faith. The next chapter will discuss receiving spiritual guidance.

  • The author tried to help her friend who was depressed and overwhelmed by giving practical advice about her living situation, finances, and possible life changes. But this only made her friend feel more depressed.

  • Without really thinking about it, the author suggested her friend ask her spirit guides for help. The friend was open to the idea and said she never considered turning to spirit guides before.

  • The author shared about her own experiences connecting with and receiving guidance from her spirit guides. This helped shift the friend’s energy from despair to relief and a willingness to surrender to her guides’ support.

  • The next day, the friend called and said after asking for help from her guides, miraculous things started happening - she received a freelance job opportunity and felt more peace. The guides worked quickly once she asked for their assistance.

  • The author believes spirit guides like angels aim to align our thoughts with universal love. When we surrender our fear and open to spiritual guidance, the guides can help us overcome obstacles and live more fulfilling lives.

The passage discusses different types of spiritual guides that can provide support and guidance, including returning one’s faith. It emphasizes opening up to guidance through prayer and surrendering one’s will.

It mentions angels and archangels like Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Ariel, Jophiel, Azrael and Chamuel who each have specific roles in providing protection, healing, communication, nature connection, creativity, death transitions, and peace.

Guardian angels are also discussed as being devoted to each person’s spiritual growth and always by their side to help when invited. The passage shares a personal story of feeling the presence of the guardian angel Peter during a difficult time of depression and trauma recovery.

Overall, the key message is that spiritual guides like angels can help lead one back to their “Higher Self” or true essence through opening up to their wisdom and inner knowing during prayer and spiritual practice. Different people may resonate with different guides.

  • The author finds spiritual guidance and comfort from their guardian angel Peter, who they see as a protective presence and support system.

  • Deceased friends like Lauren have also become guides, helping the author with challenges like writing their first book. Lauren guided the author to helpful resources.

  • The author’s grandmother Fritzie communicates as a spirit guide after passing, helping the author facilitate Fritzie’s peaceful passing and later giving clear signs of continued connection.

  • Family members and friends who have died can become profound guides if an open spiritual relationship is embraced. They provide a loving bridge between this life and what comes next.

  • Wayne Dyer, a late friend and mentor, also communicates clearly as a guide, offering direction and using the author as a conduit to contact his daughters. Guides may come through teachers and figures from one’s past.

  • The author had been receiving guidance from Wayne Dyer in her meditations for weeks. Wayne Dyer was communicating that he wanted to help guide the author.

  • The author then had a experience where a medium named Karen, who had been communicating with Wayne Dyer after his death, urgently reached out to the author to validate that Wayne Dyer was connecting with her and wanted to guide her.

  • This gave the author confirmation that the messages she was receiving from Wayne Dyer in her meditations were real.

  • The author then shared this experience with Serena and Skye Dyer, Wayne Dyer’s daughters, on a conference call to give them guidance received from Wayne Dyer through the author channeling him.

  • Leading up to a big speaking engagement for Oprah, the author was feeling very anxious. She called on Wayne Dyer for support right before the talk, and instantly felt a great sense of calm and peace come over her after connecting with his guiding energy.

So in summary, the author received ongoing guidance and messages from Wayne Dyer to help guide her and others, which was further validated by a medium, and Wayne Dyer helped calm her nerves right before an important speaking event through his guiding spiritual presence.

  • The author described interacting with Oprah Winfrey at an event in an easy, gracious way because they had their spirit guide Wayne by their side, helping them get out of their ego.

  • With Wayne’s presence and guidance, the author felt relaxed giving a talk on Oprah’s stage. They were able to make it about service and love rather than themselves.

  • Wayne helped the author get out of their own way and rely on a strength beyond themselves. The talk was later shared widely and helped many people.

  • Spirit guides can help us stop relying only on our own strength and connect us to a greater energy of love and inspiration. When we allow spirit to guide us, we tap into our “Super Attractor” power.

  • The chapter will teach how to regularly turn desires over to spiritual guidance in order to cultivate stillness, receive guidance, feel relief from anxiety, and let the Universe guide one’s path rather than trying to control everything through will and effort.

  • The goal is to strengthen one’s connection to spiritual realm and guides in order to access freedom from fear and reliance on only one’s own strength.

  • Connect with your spiritual guide through prayer and ask for guidance. Pay attention to how you feel afterwards - signs like feeling lighter, calm, inspired, etc.

  • Journal about any guidance or feelings you receive to document the connection. Be patient if you don’t feel anything right away.

  • Practice meditation to further attune your energy and listen for guidance. Set the intention to align with supportive guidance.

  • After meditating, journal and let guidance flow freely without editing. Thank your guide for what they want you to know.

  • Pay attention to signs of guidance throughout the day and strengthen your connection by practicing prayer, meditation and journaling daily.

  • Relying on a higher power through consistent spiritual connection helps you feel more directed and less stressed. It adds richness to your life.

  • Ask your guide for support in any situation. Trust that your alignment with the universe is enough to co-create what you desire.

  • Practice surrendering control and letting spirit take the wheel to attract what you want through faith rather than effort.

  • Building belief in a higher power is important for becoming a “Super Attractor” but doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself.

The passage describes Gabby Bernstein’s experience in 2008 when she felt inspired to pitch a story to the New York Times about the emerging trend of people turning to spirituality instead of consumerism to find happiness. She called a reporter she knew and pitched the idea, then released it to the Universe and remained patient, trusting the process.

Nine months later, the reporter called saying the Times was interested. They scheduled an interview and photoshoot. During the interview, the reporter pointed out a masthead from the Styles section on Gabby’s vision board that he had actually written three years prior. This synchronicity affirmed that her manifestation work was effective when surrendered to the Universe.

The result was a cover story that helped further Gabby’s career and message. She describes this as an example of the “Spiritually Aligned Action Method” - taking inspired action from a place of faith in spirit to effortlessly co-create with the Universe, rather than forcing outcomes. When merging desire with faith, one can trust the Universe’s support through patience and presence of peace.

The method describes steps to spiritually align your energy and actions when manifesting desires.

Step 1 is ensuring the desire is backed by inspiration and service to others. Write about how your desire serves and inspires.

Step 2 is believing wholeheartedly that the Universe will deliver. State your desire clearly and remain open to better outcomes. Maintain connection through prayer and meditation.

Step 3 is taking fearless action from a place of spiritual alignment. Actions will feel effortless and confident when aligned.

Step 4 requires patience as manifestations unfold in perfect timing. Following the first three steps cultivates patience by aligning with spirit.

Manifesting is an art that requires surrendering control. The goal is receiving what elevates spirit, not just fulfilling desires. True manifestation comes through aligning with the Universe’s creative energy flow.

  • The Spiritually Aligned Action Method involves taking honest stock of how you may be trying to control outcomes out of fear rather than having faith. Make a list of ways you are blocking the flow of the universe.

  • Redirect your energy to see how your desires can serve and inspire others. Believe the universe will deliver by surrendering outcomes and meditating on the inspiration behind your desire.

  • Take spiritually aligned action when you feel relaxed, faithful and detached from outcomes. Be patient and let the universe support you in ways you can’t imagine.

  • Pay attention to how empowered and at peace you feel when taking action from a place of alignment versus fear. Trust that your aligned actions are enough.

  • Consistently applying this method will reduce stress, clear the mind, and make you feel supported rather than needing to control. You’ll feel empowered by your actions and at peace.

  • Taking spiritually aligned action can have a big impact and be a service to others by manifesting opportunities that reach and help more people.

  • The passage shares a story about the author and her friend Jessica meeting on a train ride in 2012. They bonded over their desires and goals, expressing deep appreciation for each other.

  • Both of their desires started coming true - the author got engaged in Paris as hoped, and Jessica got engaged in Portugal. Their mutual appreciation seemed to manifest their desires.

  • Four years later, when Jessica was ready for a change, the author intuitively offered her a new career opportunity thanks to their strong bond of appreciation. Jessica now has her dream job and lifestyle.

  • The author believes their manifestation came from the energy of appreciation they shared. Appreciation keeps one vibrationally aligned to attract desires naturally.

  • The chapter encourages developing appreciation as a daily practice. Focusing on appreciation gets one out of their own way and connects them to their “super attractor power” to manifest more of what they want.

In summary, the passage advocates that expressing sincere appreciation for others and what’s already good in one’s life helps maintain a positive vibration conducive to effortlessly attracting desires. The story illustrates how appreciation can manifest heartfelt dreams.

The passage discusses how obsession over past mistakes and negative circumstances can prevent someone from moving forward in a positive way. It describes how Alex came to the author for help after being stuck in a cycle of negativity over a past choice.

To shift Alex’s perspective, the author asked him to think about what he appreciated in his life currently, rather than focusing on the negative past event. At first Alex struggled to think of appreciations, but eventually started listing relationships and abilities he was grateful for. This led him to realize he also appreciated the past mistake, as it taught him an important lesson.

The author encourages practicing gratitude and appreciation as a way to shift one’s energy and perspective when feeling negative about an area of life. Reaching for appreciations related and unrelated to the situation can help redirect thoughts in a more positive direction. Appreciation is presented as an antidote to worry, negativity, and resistance that can prevent manifesting desired outcomes or enjoying manifestations once achieved.

  • The passage describes the author’s struggle to conceive a child over three years, despite being a “Super Attractor” in other areas of life.

  • One day while feeling defeated in her office, she closed her eyes and prayed to the Universe to surrender her desire and welcome guidance.

  • When she opened her eyes, she saw two wild turkeys walking slowly across her lawn, which redirected her attention and lifted her emotions. She found peace watching them tranquilly peck at grass in the falling snow.

  • This shifted her perspective from despair to hope and helped her realign with the Universe. Later, she meditated with her husband and invited their guides to speak through her, often finding this helps her connect to her guides best when speaking.

The key points are how appreciation for small occurrences in nature (the wild turkeys) helped the author shift her mindset from frustration to acceptance when struggling with a desired manifestation. Seeing beauty in the present moment reignited her faith that the Universe would provide guidance and solutions in its own timing.

  • The author conducted a meditation and invited her spirit guides for guidance on her fertility journey. She felt a warm energy and her thoughts were directed.

  • Her guides assured her the universe had a plan for her child and to be patient and trust in the universe’s timing. They suggested searching the spiritual meaning of wild turkeys.

  • When she googled it, the meaning was fertility, confirming the message from her guides. This was a turning point that helped her surrender and have faith in the universe’s plan.

  • Over subsequent months when losing hope, she remembered the wild turkey message and held on to her faith. In March she felt she received guidance her child would come then but got her period.

  • After more disappointments, she meditated and asked for a sign from Archangel Gabriel. The next day an obscure album played with the song “Way Go Lily”, confirming the sign of lilies from Gabriel.

  • She concluded faith is available when willing to surrender desires and receive guidance back to love. Her faith and patience allowed her child to come at the right time for her and celebrate the universe’s timing above her own.

The passage encourages surrendering one’s plans and control over timelines and outcomes in order to align with faith in the universe and receive spiritual guidance. It outlines several methods for doing so:

  1. Turn over plans and surrender control through daily prayer and memorizing/repeating a provided prayer. This helps release resistance and allows freedom.

  2. Ask the universe clearly for direction, such as asking for a specific sign within a time frame to confirm a decision or path. Being clear facilitates receiving the response.

  3. Speak directly to angels or spirit guides, get to know their unique ways of communicating (e.g. different colored lights), and ask them clearly for signs. Their guidance provides reassurance.

  4. Note that children are deeply connected spiritually and the spirits may communicate through them, such as through symbolic dreams involving children.

The overall message is that surrendering control through daily prayer and asking the universe clearly for signs facilitates receiving spiritual guidance and developing faith that one is being directed along their life’s path. Receiving clear signs and direction reportedly provides certainty and reassurance.

  • Children are often able to see and connect with spiritual beings like guides, angels, and deceased loved ones. They may talk about “imaginary friends” that are actually spiritual contacts.

  • It’s important for parents/adults to nurture a child’s spiritual connection and pay attention to messages they receive. Ignoring them can cause the child to lose their spiritual sensitivity as they get older.

  • A story is given of a friend whose young daughter intuitively knew she would have another baby soon, even though the mother hadn’t told her about previous miscarriages. This provided comfort and guidance.

  • Supporting a child’s spiritual beliefs young will help them retain those beliefs into adulthood. It allows them to always feel spiritually supported and connected.

  • Adults are encouraged to be open and receptive to signs of guidance from spirit, through dreams, synchronicities, children’s messages, etc. Developing faith in guidance strengthens spiritual connection.

  • Surrendering control and letting the universe show the way, through doing nothing and being patient, allows guidance to come through more clearly. Having big dreams but letting the universe’s timeline unfold is important.

Here is a summary of the key points from the chapter:

  • The author describes an experience where she got knocked out of alignment with the flow of the universe after a fear-inducing conversation with a friend about her third trimester pregnancy. She fell into a spiral of fear and obsessive worrying.

  • The ego tries to resist and sabotage periods of great joy and connection to the spiritual flow. Fear arises to weaken that connection.

  • After hitting rock bottom with worry, she meditated and heard an inner voice say “Fear is a guide back to love.” This reminder helped her forgive her fear and realign with love.

  • When good things are flowing, fear may try to convince you it’s too good to be true. Don’t freak out - use fear as an opportunity to strengthen faith.

  • Follow the “Choose Again” method: notice fear, forgive the fearful thought, and choose a best-feeling replacement thought. Forgive fear to shift to acceptance rather than resistance.

  • In any moment, you can release fear and realign with your “Super Attractor” power. Accept that you can have a new, higher baseline for happiness free from fear’s grip.

The passage discusses concepts around living joyfully and attracting positive experiences through maintaining a high vibrational state. Some key points:

  • Develop a new “baseline” for happiness by giving yourself permission to feel good and attract what you want without fearing it will fall apart.

  • Strengthen your faith that you are worthy of miracles and blessings from the universe. Stop waiting for negativity and embrace your own greatness.

  • Imagine living without illusions of fear or insecurity, where nothing can disturb your inner peace which is multiplied 100-fold. This can become your new normal state.

  • Staying aligned with the universe means having happy anticipation for what’s coming your way, trusting that support and miracles are on their way through universal flow.

  • Care about how you feel by thinking positively, using daily visualizations to design good days, and being conscious of energy around others while protecting your own.

  • Seek relief from problems rather than immediate solutions by praying, affirming or distracting with joy. Let solutions come to you as you maintain a good vibration.

  • Practice non-interference by allowing circumstances to unfold naturally rather than trying to control them through ego. Trust the support will come through relaxed alignment with universal flow.

  • The passage encourages committing to being a “Super Attractor” by releasing resistance and allowing what you want to flow in.

  • It discusses techniques like journaling, prayer, observing emotions, and meditating to get into an allowing state of mind.

  • The key is paying attention to feelings of lack or negativity that indicate resistance, and returning to love, joy and gratitude instead.

  • Abraham Hicks’ perspective is emphasized - that there is no lack or sickness, only resistance to allowing wellness, abundance and love.

  • The author is preparing to give birth and choses to fully commit to being a Super Attractor through the uncertainty. She trusts in spiritual guidance and allowing the process.

  • In an afterword, she shares that her labor and delivery ended up manifesting exactly as she envisioned - with ease, grace and peace. Her commitment to visualizing, meditating and surrendering brought about her desired outcome of having her baby.

The overall message is about committing wholeheartedly to an ‘allowing’ mindset of faith, positivity and trust in divine support in order to manifest desired outcomes and attract all that one needs. Practicing techniques like gratitude, prayer and emotion management can help get into an aligned allowing state.

  • The author expresses gratitude for how the process of writing the book strengthened her faith in the Universe and belief that everything happens at the perfect time. She sees how becoming a mother when she did was ideal.

  • She remains committed to daily practices that remind her of her connection to the Universe and ability to manifest (“Super Attractor power”). Her goal is to teach these principles to her son so he knows he can live miraculously when aligned with love.

  • The author thanks her agent, publishing team at Hay House, PR team, editor and other collaborators who helped bring the book to life. She also thanks inspirations like Esther Hicks/Abraham and her friends and family for their support.

  • Biographical information is provided about the author Gabrielle Bernstein, her other bestselling books and appearances in media promoting spiritual thought leadership.

  • Readers are encouraged to continue their journey of manifesting with related products like a card deck and journal based on the book’s teachings.

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