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The Awakened Aura Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body

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Here is a summary of the “About the Author” section:

  • Kala Ambrose is an intuitive empath, inspirational speaker, and host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala podcast. She is an award-winning author who writes for publications like Huffington Post and

  • She believes she has lived past lives as a wisdom teacher in ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, India, and Ireland. In this lifetime, she runs a school called the Temple of Stella Maris and gives lectures and workshops on metaphysical topics.

  • Her abilities include seeing auras, being intuitive, communicating with spirit guides, psychic and empathic skills, and having prophetic dreams. She has studied fields like astrology, tarot, Feng Shui, and ancient esoteric teachings.

  • Through her work, she aims to share her gifts and help humanity evolve by developing supernatural lightbody abilities. A key part of this is teaching people to see and understand their auras and energy fields. She believes this leads to greater self-knowledge, healing, and an open awareness of our connective nature.

So in summary, Kala Ambrose is a leading intuitive and aura expert who draws on past life wisdom to teach people about energies, auras, and spiritual evolution through her books, show, and workshops. Her goal is to help more people access these abilities.

  • Students are taught how to feel and harness chi/energy through deep breathing exercises and forming an energy ball between their hands. This connects to the auric field.

  • Edgar Cayce had psychic ability to see auras. One traumatic experience was not seeing auras around people in an elevator, moments before the cable snapped and they died. This suggests the aura pulls inward near death.

  • Auras typically form an oval shape around the body, emitting colors, shapes and energy patterns unique to each individual based on thoughts and emotions.

  • There are seven auric layers. Some psychics can see dis-ease or akashic records in the aura.

  • The author teaches aura reading. They have noticed new crystalline structures forming in auras, suggesting energy body evolution. This may allow stronger psychic abilities and health benefits by 2020.

  • As a child, the author was intuitively empathic but didn’t understand abilities to see auras until taught later in life. Overall it describes lessons in developing chi energy and seeing/interpreting auras from a psychic’s perspective.

  • The person experienced being highly empathic as a child, absorbing others’ emotions through their solar plexus chakra. This would make them ill after being in crowded family gatherings with high emotions.

  • They saw colorful auras around people, animals, and trees from a young age. They did not realize others could not see auras until being criticized by a nun teacher for coloring outside the lines in a picture while depicting auras.

  • As an empath, they found it important to have alone time reading to restore their energy. They were fascinated by books on mythology, history, and the paranormal.

  • They felt a conflict between their ability to see energy and life everywhere, versus being taught God was only in church. Beings of light would visit them.

  • Today, they understand their connection to past lives and the Divine Feminine. Their experiences led them to a vision of spirit existing everywhere through wisdom, compassion, and service.

  • Each person has a unique auric field shaped by their thoughts, emotions, spiritual energy, and long-term thought forms. Though patterns are similar, no two auric fields are the same. Our thoughts and actions create ripples that differ for everyone.

  • The book will explore auras, chakras, energy bodies, how they develop from infancy, how to see them, heal them, and connect to higher plane energy. It will also discuss how auras are evolving with crystalline structures for an upcoming evolution in humanity.

The passage explains that auras and chakras are vital human energy systems that connect the physical and spiritual. The aura is a multi-layered energy field surrounding the body that reflects one’s emotional, mental and physical states. It is influenced by thoughts, feelings, stress and more. The chakras are energy centers in the body that receive energy from the aura and distribute it throughout the nervous system. When functioning properly, chakras allow for balanced energy flow, but can become blocked by stress, overload and trauma. Understanding one’s aura and chakras allows for greater self-awareness and health of the whole being - physical, mental and spiritual. Meditation, spirituality and positive thinking can help maintain optimal energy flow through these systems.

  • The aura plays an important role in filtering energy and information that enters the physical body. It can absorb some intense energy to lessen physical impacts like shock.

  • Consistent patterns in the aura are formed by long-held thoughts and beliefs. Changing core thinking can alter auric patterns.

  • The aura has multiple layers that reflect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Understanding the layers can enhance life experiences and connectivity.

  • The aura requires replenishment like the physical body needs food and water. Breathing and sleeping allow the “etheric battery” to recharge the aura through restoration.

  • Past societies aligned better with natural rhythms like daytime naps, which allowed the mental/emotional bodies to process information while the aura recharged. Modern pressures impair this.

  • Trauma, abuse and long-term stress can severely strain the aura. Even everyday living can deplete auric reserves. Factors beginning in the 20th century like pollution, technology and lifestyle changes have taken a toll on auras.

  • The Industrial Revolution caused many changes that impacted people’s health and connection to nature. Factories required long hours of repetitive work in poor conditions. People moved to cities away from farmland.

  • Food production changed to meet urban demand, reducing quality and freshness. Preservatives were added to transport food longer distances by new distribution methods like trains and grocery stores.

  • Economic hardships like the Great Depression and World Wars I and II took further tolls. Women increasingly worked in factories.

  • Post-WWII, suburban sprawl and consumerism grew. Appliances and fast, processed foods aimed to save time but impacted health. Microwaves and TV dinners became ubiquitous.

  • Modern industrial and corporate work can be stressful, repetitive, and leave people feeling disconnected from their work and community. Job satisfaction is low while unemployment remains high. People may stay in unfulfilling roles out of financial necessity, which takes a psychological toll over time.

  • Overall, industrialization changed how people live, work, eat and connect with nature, straining their physical, mental and spiritual well-being if not managed carefully amid progress. Maintaining balance and intuition is important amid technological change.

The aura has seven layers that extend out from the physical body. The innermost layer is the etheric body, which operates as the life force battery. Next is the emotional body, connected to emotions and changing color based on mood. The mental body surrounds this and is connected to thoughts and the solar plexus.

The astral body acts as a bridge carrying energy from higher planes into the lower layers. Its primary function is connecting to the heart chakra and delivering love energy. For children, this connection is open allowing intuitive abilities, but it begins to close from age 4-7 as they experience more of the world.

By age 21, the physical, emotional and mental layers are fully formed, and a conscious effort is needed to reopen the astral bridge and heart chakra. This often happens with falling in love. The higher layers access spiritual information and past life memories to support growth. Overall the aura and its layers work together to distribute energy throughout the body, mind and spirit.

  • The aura consists of 7 layers that surround the physical body and interact with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person.

  • The first 3 layers (etheric, emotional, mental) relate to the physical, emotional and mental bodies. They must be cleared and purified before higher spiritual energies can flow freely.

  • The 4th layer (heart chakra) connects one to unconditional love. When fully activated, love is stable and not dependent on desires/emotions.

  • The 5th layer (etheric template) contains an imprint of the physical body and indicates current and ideal health. Medical intuition of this layer could help prevent illness.

  • The 6th layer (celestial) connects to spiritual realms and guides through the third eye. It contains information on thoughts, emotions and physical state.

  • The 7th layer (ketheric) emanates a golden-silver light indicating spiritual mastery. It connects one to higher spiritual planes.

  • Each layer must be developed in order to increase vitality and allow energy to flow freely between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. This leads to increased well-being.

Here is a summary of the key points about the four layers of the aura:

  • Layer 1 (Physical): Reflects physical health and vitality. Color reflects diet, exercise, environment etc.

  • Layer 2 (Emotional): Colors reflect emotional state. Psychics can see potential emotional outcomes based on current thoughts and feelings. This layer can be changed through changing emotions.

  • Layer 3 (Mental): Colors reflect lifetime beliefs and karmic patterns. Strong positive thoughts attract greater good while negative thoughts attract negativity. Thoughts directly impact this layer.

  • Layer 4 (Astral): Connects to higher planes. Rose and green colors. Connections between people formed through energy cords that extend from this layer, especially strong in relationships and family ties. Cords formed during pregnancy and childhood. Astral layer impacts relationships.

In summary, the four aura layers provide information about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. The emotional and mental layers can be changed through one’s thoughts and beliefs, while the astral layer impacts connections between people through energetic cords. Psychics can gain insights by reading the colors and patterns within these aura layers.

  • Our energy fields (auras) are charged with positive or negative energy based on our daily experiences, thoughts and emotions.

  • The energy we emit in our aura is the first thing others sense when they encounter us. Negative emotions and thoughts pollute our aura and the surrounding air.

  • When we breathe, we breathe in the emotional/mental energy stored in our aura. This can reinforce negative states if our aura is charged with things like anger, depression, etc.

  • Being in a negative state for a long time can create a downward spiral, as our shallow breathing takes in the negatively charged energy we are emitting. This perpetuates negative thoughts and lowers our energy further.

  • Breaking this cycle requires changing our frame of mind, such as via hope, therapy, medication, etc. to alter our thoughts, emotions and the resulting energy fluctuations in our aura. Proper breathing is also important to regulate our energetic state.

Here are the key points about identifying colors in the aura:

  • The aura’s color typically changes based on a person’s emotions and thoughts. However, there are usually 1-2 consistent colors that remain over a lifetime.

  • Common questions people have about auras are “What color is my aura?” The reader explains auras change colors regularly due to emotions.

  • When giving a reading, the reader prefers not looking directly at the person or turning away to help the person relax. Direct eye contact can make the aura retract.

  • As a child, the author saw auras naturally everywhere. As a teen, abilities closed down. As an adult, they practiced seeing auras again, which required thought/effort initially.

  • To redevelop abilities, the author gazed at auras of trees daily which don’t mind long stares unlike people. This practice is recommended for new aura readers.

  • The main consistent colors in the aura tend to represent things like personality traits, talents, life purpose and lessons. Emotional states are reflected more in changing tertiary colors.

So in summary, while aura colors shift regularly with mood, practicing relaxing aura viewing can help identify the 1-2 core consistent colors that represent someone’s deeper qualities and lifelong energy.

  • The author describes experiences seeing auras through closed-eye meditation, getting insights into nature’s energy fields and connections.

  • During an aura reading of a home, the author sensed the different energy patterns of a dog’s warning bark vs friendly greeting bark through their subtle energetic qualities.

  • Experimenting with music, crystal singing bowls and other sounds helped develop the author’s aura seeing abilities and access higher spiritual realms.

  • To practice aura seeing, the author instructs sitting across from a partner and observing how their aura changes with different emotions or a pet’s reactions to touch/play.

  • Long relationships may blend peoples’ aura fields over time, possibly explaining intuition and shared traits between couples and pet owners.

  • Auras have multiple visible layers including colors, shapes, symbols and imprints. Color meanings depend on hue, clarity and cause (illness, circumstance). Both closed and open-eye techniques provide insights.

  • The article discusses reading a person’s aura and the different colors that may appear, what they represent, and how to enhance each color.

  • It describes the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. For each color it provides details on its meaning, what it indicates about a person’s physical/emotional state, foods/items to connect with the color, and mantras/activities.

  • It recommends two general methods for enhancing aura colors - drinking water solarized in colored bottles for a week, and sitting near colored light bulbs for an hour each day.

  • For red specifically, it discusses variations in hue and what they represent, such as a bright red indicating physical jobs. It provides lifestyle recommendations aligned with red such as certain foods, decor, clothes, and mantras for grounding.

  • Orange represents joy, spirituality and new learning/inspiration. It indicates an outgoing, creative person open to new ideas when the color is bright versus dull/muddy.

So in summary, it describes the meaning of different aura colors and provides guidance on enhancing each color through dietary, decor, and spiritual practices.

  • Aura colors provide insight into a person’s emotional and mental state.

  • Green in the aura indicates a calm, nurturing energy stemming from the heart chakra. Those with a primarily green aura are healing, compassionate beings.

  • Dark or muddy green can signify jealousy, envy or resentment from an imbalance between the mental and emotional fields.

  • A yellowish-green tint shows mental exhaustion and overload, making one susceptible to negative emotions like envy.

  • Dark green may also correlate with an excessive focus on money leading to greed overrationality.

  • Different shades and hues of the aura colors convey subtle emotional and psychological insights into an individual’s state of being. Colors provide clues to support healing imbalances.

In summary, aura color analysis suggests green is generally calming and indicates an open heart, while darker or muddier shades of green can point to negative emotions arising from imbalances in the energy fields. Subtle variations in hue provide diagnostic hints for supporting well-being.

  • The color green in the aura generally indicates a focus on money, profit, and greed. It’s best to be cautious when dealing with someone whose aura prominently features this hue.

  • Foods that connect with the green aura include green vegetables and fruits.

  • Green is a soothing color for home decor, though an overabundance of yellowish-green could be draining. Plants are also recommended.

  • Green clothing that matches one’s skin tone supports the aura. Gemstones like emerald and jade also resonate.

  • Music involving nature sounds and folk music harmonize with green energy. Activities fostering compassion are beneficial.

  • Blue in the aura reflects calmness and spiritual interest. Deeper blue ties to clear thinking. Bright blue indicates intuition. Muddy dark blue signals being overwhelmed.

  • Foods, water, and herbal tea help balance blue. Navy decor should be balanced with lighter elements. Blue clothing conveys confidence. Gemstones include lapis and aquamarine. Water-related activities are recommended.

  • Purple in the aura relates to a strong spiritual connection and intuition. It’s one of the highest vibrational colors seen. Secondary colors like purple periodically appear during strong emotions or spiritual experiences.

  • The chakras act as portals that allow energy to rise up the spine from the first chakra to the sixth chakra. When fully open, this allows one to “see” beyond the physical realm and receive information from higher planes.

  • The sixth chakra area can vary in how open it is, affecting how much information is received. Spiritual psychics who work on their spiritual connection can receive a greater flow of information compared to non-spiritual psychics.

  • There is a natural protective system that allows energy to flow in gradually, to avoid being overwhelmed. Forcing it open can result in negative side effects like encountering lower beings and nightmares.

  • Purple in the aura indicates a visionary or deep spiritual connection. It’s rare to see mainly purple, but flashes indicate psychic work or spiritual states.

  • When purple becomes muddy, it means the person is out of balance from forcing experiences without a clear channel. This can lead to problems like hallucinations.

  • Ways to connect with and balance the purple energy include certain foods, home décor, clothing, gemstones, flowers, music and meditations. Mantras and activities are also recommended.

  • White, gold and other aura colors are then briefly discussed in terms of their meanings and ways to connect with them.

  • Gold in the aura indicates wisdom, generosity and spiritual enlightenment. It is seen around heads and hearts of spiritual masters. An abundance of gold means radiating spiritual energy to heal others.

  • Muddy gold represents transmuting lower energies out of the aura through an inner refining process.

  • Silver rarely appears as a full aura color. It indicates something magical or miraculous is happening, seen in streaks or sparkles. Linked to creativity, magic, and pregnancy.

  • Pink represents joy, romance and optimism. A deeper pink with orange indicates balance between physical, emotional and spiritual love. Faded pink shows immaturity in love. Seen in early pregnancy and new loves.

  • Turquoise increasingly appears as a primary aura color in old souls reconnecting to ancient healing knowledge, especially from Egypt. It represents natural leadership inclined to teach, heal and inspire. Muddy turquoise means disconnect between soul purpose and societal expectations.

Here are summaries of ne, lapis, and copper:

Ne - A colorless, odorless noble gas that occurs in the atmosphere in small quantities. It is used in signs and lamps and as an inert atmosphere for welding and heat treating.

Lapis - A deep blue semi-precious stone that has been used for ornamentation for thousands of years. It often contains glittering flecks of pyrite. Lapis lazuli is a rock, not a mineral, composed mainly of lazurite, calcite, and pyrite.

Copper - A conductive metal with a reddish-brown color. It occurs naturally as minerals like copper sulfides and copper carbonates, and is extracted through mining. Copper has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and is used widely to conduct heat and electricity in applications like piping, wiring, and cookware. It can be alloyed with other metals to make brasses and bronzes.

  • The aura develops as the soul prepares for physical incarnation. Information from past lives is stored in the aura and helps shape the physical body.

  • During pregnancy and birth, the aura layers are formed around the developing baby. At first breath, the aura and chakras activate.

  • From birth to age 7, the aura develops rapidly as the child grows. The etheric field nourishes growth. Babies’ wide-open auric fields absorb energy through touch and emotions. Crying helps release excess energy.

  • From ages 7 to 14, the mental body develops most. Children eagerly absorb information to build knowledge foundations. Creativity and curiosity are stimulated. The mind is open to influence at this stage.

  • The aura fully develops by age 7 but continues maturing. How it is nurtured impacts physical, mental and emotional health over the lifespan. Understanding auras can provide insight into childhood development, abilities, interests and lifetime lessons.

  • The passage discusses how the aura develops in 7-year cycles from birth onward. Each 7-year period corresponds to development of a different auric field or body (mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.).

  • From ages 7-14, the mental body develops rapidly. Children at this age love puzzles, games, and activities that stimulate thinking. These activities will inspire them for life.

  • From 14-21, the emotional body forms intricate patterns from relationships. This period determines how one will relate to others. Young adults experience high emotions and need outlets.

  • From 21-49, the spiritual bodies are fully engaged. These fields respond quickly to focused thought, music, light, meditation, etc.

  • From 49 on, the aura has matured fully. One can now pursue spiritual journeys. The physical body slows while emotional/mental fields mature and the mental field becomes wise.

  • Daily exercises like visualized breathing and affirmations can raise and clear the aura’s energy, making it stronger and more positively charged. This takes only 5 minutes and involves visualization of breathing in light and affirmations.

The passage discusses ways to connect with and raise your consciousness of the divine feminine energy through your relationship with your children. It emphasizes embodying qualities of love, comfort and generosity as a mother to nourish all who enter your space. This evokes the divine feminine and brings peace to the family. Both women and men have divine feminine energy within; connecting to this creates balance.

The passage suggests meditating, visualizing and affirming to do energy work internally. But the Great Mother demands action as well. She asks that we nurture our relationship with our children by spending uninterrupted quality time with them, listening without judgment, speaking to them with love and empowerment, and celebrating milestones together to foster connection. Nurturing children in this way connects us to the divine feminine life force and benefits the family.

  • Our thoughts can take shape as “thought forms” in our auric fields when we focus on or obsess over them for a long period of time. Negative thoughts are often given more energy than positive ones.

  • Repeatedly thinking about an emotionally upsetting thought can cause it to form a gray cloud shape in the auric field. Over time, with more energy given, it develops into a stronger mass or “thought form” that takes on the characteristics of the thought.

  • These thought forms can grow large enough to block our goals and intentions if we don’t clear them. They also affect others when we express negative thoughts outwardly.

  • Most of our daily thoughts are fleeting, but the auric fields still record them. Repeated thoughts train the fields to respond accordingly in the future when similar stimuli are encountered.

  • It’s important to understand how powerful our thoughts are and how they can affect both ourselves and others. We must be mindful of what we focus our mental energy on.

Here is a summary of the key points about healing techniques for enhancing the auric fields:

  • Healing in many ancient cultures and medical traditions involved moving energy in the body. Diseases could often be detected in the aura before manifesting physically.

  • The auric field/shield protects from negative energy directed at the person and unintentional absorption of others’ energy. It has inherent wisdom to care for the body.

  • Techniques from Egyptian and Greek mystery temples taught connecting spirit bodies by understanding “As above, so below” - the connection between universe/macrocosm and individual/microcosm.

  • Changing on a cellular level every 7 years provides opportunities to enhance the auric field through healing techniques and evolve to a higher level.

  • Specific techniques mentioned include energy activations through sound, color, sacred geometry, symbols and herbs to increase aura size and strengthen auric fields.

  • Meditation, visualization and breathwork can be used to connect with higher spiritual aspects and guide energy for healing through the auric fields into the physical body.

  • With practice of these techniques, one gains mastery over the auric fields and abilities like psychic self-defense, energy balancing and spiritual evolution.

  • In ancient mystery temples, healing involved treating the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. Patients would stay in the temple and receive individualized healing through herbs, massage, counseling, energy work, sounds/lights, and exposure to natural elements like water, air, fire, and earth.

  • The Industrial Revolution and world wars shifted Western medicine’s focus to just the physical body and repairing trauma. Technology advanced surgical techniques but disconnected from treating the mind and spirit.

  • Doctors now often overlook the mind-body connection and only treat diseases physically without addressing root causes in the mental/emotional energy fields. Some patients experience spontaneous remission when fully healing on all levels.

  • In ancient times, temples provided ideal environments for full healing and preparation for death, rather than fearing it. Western culture now only values outward physical appearance and longevity.

  • The disconnection from holistic healing dates back to the Dark Ages, when religious zealots suppressed science, tortured healers, and destroyed sacred pagan sites and practices. The old ways barely survived, leading to the rupture between religion, science, and holistic medicine.

  • Ancient pagan sites and rituals were suppressed by the rise of the Christian church. Any non-Christian beliefs or practices were made illegal and punishable by death.

  • This resulted in the loss of direct spiritual connections and understanding that individuals have innate spiritual power. People were told they needed the church to access God.

  • Over 200 years, millions of people were tortured and killed if they disagreed with the church. Sacred sites were destroyed and texts burned to eliminate competing beliefs.

  • Some texts survived due to courageous people risking their lives to preserve the knowledge. The concept of reincarnation was part of early Christian texts but removed.

  • In modern times, energy medicine and the mind-body connection are being reexamined. Spontaneous remissions, prayer effects on health, and Eastern practices provide evidence for this approach.

  • Seven ancient traditions are outlined to restore the auric field, including dream interpretation, herbal remedies, and energy work like in water pools combined with these techniques. The goal is to help ancient healing practices be recognized again.

The passage describes ancient techniques used in healing temples to restore and strengthen the auric fields, including light therapy, color therapy, aromatherapy, crystals/gemstones, sound therapy, dietary regimens, and energy work to clear negative energies.

It then provides modern steps one can take to restore their auric field, such as identifying issues, restoring energy through engaging with others, releasing negative memories and thought forms, and raising one’s vibration through love, light and positive thinking.

It also discusses how a “spongy and soggy” auric field can develop from being emotionally overwhelmed. In this state, the field leaks energy and unconsciously draws from others, leaving one feeling drained. The key is to restore balance and replenish depleted energies.

In summary, it outlines ancient and modern practices for evaluating auric field issues and providing holistic healing through various energetic, emotional and lifestyle techniques to strengthen and protect the auric energy bodies.

The passage discusses meditation as a way to balance the auric field and gain control over energy expression from the field. It recommends starting a simple 10 minute meditation practice, called “10 minute bliss breaks,” at a set time each day. Early morning, during lunch, or in the evening are suggested times.

Deep, slow breathing is emphasized as crucial for any meditation, whether 10 minutes or longer, as it relaxes the body and brings oxygen while also helping to focus and remain aware. No preconceived notions of how meditation should be are recommended - the key is creating a routine that feels right personally. Meditation is described as a rewarding practice for self but many find the idea daunting, so starting simple and focusing on breathing can help make it accessible.

  • Buildings, land, and regions all have unique auric/energy fields that can be sensed. These fields are formed from various natural elements and conditions like mountains, water, wars, etc.

  • Traditional Chinese Feng Shui considers the surrounding environment, placement, materials used, and birthdates to balance the energy flows in homes and buildings. It aims to create health, harmony and positive energy.

  • Each person also has their own energy profile of east or west that interacts with the home’s energy field. Feng Shui charts the home’s energy shifts over time like an astrological chart.

  • Different areas clearly have distinctive auric colors, like pink skies in Florida which artists often depicted. This pink energy is heart-healing. Parts of Hawaii also have incredibly pure energy fields that envelop all five senses.

  • The author has directly sensed these regional energy fields through travel and how they distinctly change at boundary lines between areas, showing the real influence of location on auric/energy phenomena.

  • Hawaii has a powerful creative energy that energizes and inspires visitors. Spending time in the islands recharges one’s aura and reignites creativity. Visiting Hawaii can help those looking to make a change in their lives and reconnect with their creative spark.

  • It is possible to connect with the subtle energy patterns of the land and gauge how energy flows in one’s home or office. Dowsing is a method to sense underground energy fields by holding divining rods that cross when the sought energy is detected. With practice, dowsing can be done intuitively without tools.

  • Clearing clutter removes energetic clutter from one’s aura and living space. Seasonal cleaning rituals uplift home energy. Words lingering in a home’s energy can be visualized and cleared.

  • Purifying a home with sage or other means clears residual energies. Painting walls a new color, adding fresh flowers and inspirational phrases introduces beneficial new energies. Painting empowering words onto walls while stating intentions sets energetic intentions for rooms.

  • Quartz added to paint infuses walls with vibrant life force energy. Sensory abilities can detect a building’s subtle energies to gauge how nurturing the space will be. Dowsing and intuitive perception are methods one can use.

The passage discusses how to connect with the natural elements and seasons to enhance one’s aura. Some key points:

  • Fall is a good time to restore the mental aura by working with earth energy through gardening and digging in soil. This grounds the physical body and connects to the etheric aura.

  • An earth-based ritual can be conducted in the fall to plant “seeds of thought” for goals and resolutions for the coming year. This gives time over winter for contemplation and developing an action plan for spring.

  • An exercise is described where friends gather on October 31/November 1 (Celtic New Year) to write down resolutions, read them aloud while receiving blessings and lighting a candle, and make toasts. This plants the seeds of intentions symbolically for the year ahead while connecting with the season’s energies.

Overall, the passage promotes connecting to nature’s cycles and using the elements, especially in fall, to nurture intentions and enhance one’s aura through simple rituals and earth-based activities like gardening. The different seasons are said to impact specific aspects of the aura.

  • Around Halloween it is believed that the veil between worlds is thin, allowing opportunities to manifest desires through rituals like drinking potions or planting seeds to be harvested later.

  • Different mountain ranges hold different masculine or feminine energies that can influence attitude and balance. For example, the Blue Ridge Mountains have a soft feminine energy while Rocky Mountains have a strong masculine energy.

  • Large crystals are needed for significant clearing and restoring of the auric fields. They work best with other healing techniques.

  • Water is very healing for the auric fields. Spending time in pools, waterfalls, or the ocean can rebalance and expand the fields through negative ionic energy. Rituals can also be done during winter and summer solstices.

  • Air, especially breezes, can quickly remove residual energy from the fields. Strong winds from storms or mountain areas are stimulating, while dry desert winds like Santa Ana winds carry positive ions and disrupt the fields. Deep breathing also introduces air energy.

  • Spring reminds the author of reconnecting to nature and creativity. Sinking toes in grass or seeing wildlife reconnects one’s auric fields to the earth.

  • Connecting with spirit guides can be difficult at first because we try too hard and overthink it, activating the mental field too much. Communicating with guides comes from accessing higher planes through intuition.

  • The student is ready when the teacher appears - guides will make themselves known when we stop actively looking and relax our minds. They have been with us all along.

  • Guides can communicate through synchronicities, dreams, feelings, and inner knowing. Developing intuition and receptivity is key. Meditation helps quiet the mind.

  • It’s better to be open and allow guides to find us, rather than constantly looking for them. As with love, spiritual connections are more likely to form when we aren’t trying so hard. With patience and an open mindset, our guides will make their presence known.

So in summary, the passage emphasizes developing intuition over intellectual effort, relaxing the mind, and having a receptive attitude to allow guides to connect with us in their own time and way. Actively looking tends to hinder the process.

  • Spirit guides come in various forms and serve different functions. They are assigned to individuals before birth to help guide and teach them throughout their lifetime.

  • Types of spirit guides mentioned include inspirational guides, who bring messages of joy and love, and teaching guides, who are there to provide guidance and push for growth and releasing of old patterns.

  • Our connection to guides strengthens as we evolve spiritually and open up psychically. They communicate through our auric fields and intuition.

  • An exercise is provided to reconnect with guides during stressful times. It involves preparing a calm sleep environment with aromatherapy, writing down dreams, and using deep breathing to release tension before sleep. The idea is that guides may provide clearer messages through dreams after a restful night.

  • Meditation is also suggested as a way to make contact visually, such as imagining a peaceful garden setting and having a conversation with one’s guide there.

Overall it discusses the role of spirit guides, different types that may be assigned, ways they communicate, and exercises like meditation and focus on dreams to strengthen the connection.

  • The passage discusses how humanity and our understanding of aura/energy is evolving rapidly as we enter a new age in 2012 and beyond.

  • In the past, industrialization negatively impacted auric bodies, while the dark ages led to a loss of knowledge. But we are now actively restoring this wisdom.

  • Consciousness is shifting from 3D to 4D/5D, allowing us to access information through all auric fields on a deeper level.

  • Science and spirituality are converging, with science catching up to mystical teachings through discoveries in quantum physics.

  • Our full auric system extends far beyond the 7 planes, likened to an upside-down pyramid with a vast spiritual base where souls reside after death, connected to a tiny capstone of life force within the physical body.

  • We are moving towards a new age of enlightenment where this integrated knowledge of energy/consciousness will continue unfolding.

  • The auric fields exist as two intersecting energy pyramids around the body, connected through the heart chakra. One pyramid brings energy and information down from higher planes into the body, and the other projects an auric field outward.

  • Most of the soul’s essence resides in the higher planes, and only a small portion filters down into the physical body. When connecting with passed loved ones, we connect with their higher self residing in the higher planes.

  • Beyond the 7 classical chakras, there is an 8th soul star chakra related to the akashic records, karma, and global consciousness. It is activating more as we evolve.

  • Since 1999, new crystalline structures have been observed forming in auric fields, signaling their evolution. A new “higher consciousness grid” is being built through expanding energy cords that connect the chakras, internal organs, and higher planes.

  • This grid acts as a transportation system to shift consciousness into higher dimensions. It varies in completeness between individuals based on their heart chakra activation.

  • One cord hangs from the solar plexus chakra to release emotional energy, acting as an exit valve. The grid continues expanding through interconnected cords.

  • People are experiencing accelerated energy shifts and releases as their auric fields and light bodies evolve rapidly. This is helping to resolve emotional pain and karmic issues stored in the lower chakras much more quickly.

  • A new “solar plexus exit valve” is forming to help release lower vibrational energies connected to fear, anger, and other emotions. Smaller “tendril cords” are also emerging from the solar plexus to further aid in releasing fear and past pain.

  • Once the solar plexus cords are established, a new “heart cord” begins growing from the heart chakra, connected to joy and love. This cord expands the aura and womb-like protective energy around the body.

  • As the heart cord strengthens, it takes over from the solar plexus cord in circulating energy. The solar plexus cord then begins shrinking away.

  • Many people are experiencing physical symptoms from these energetic shifts, like dizziness, fatigue, anxiety and pancre issues as the light body evolves. But the changes ultimately support spiritual awakening and evolution.

  • The passage discusses how the air sign of Aquarius has brought a vast amount of information and knowledge to humanity through advances like the internet. This has connected people globally and given access to endless information on any topic.

  • In this “Age of Information,” many argue there is now information overload. The next decade will bring a shift from just gaining knowledge to developing wisdom through applying knowledge and learning from experiences.

  • We are moving into a new “Age of Enlightenment” where expression of the divine feminine will flourish. Creativity in arts, philosophy, science will develop.

  • 2020 marks the transition from being conscious creators on a basic level to gaining true wisdom. People with ideas and talents should feel empowered to pursue their dreams boldly.

  • Connecting mind, body and spirit through higher energy fields will enable intuition, dreams and collaboration across spiritual and physical planes. This decade will see important advancements on many levels.

  • In summary, the passage discusses the shift from the information age to an age of wisdom, where humanity can apply knowledge gained to be truly creative and make progress spiritually and in many areas through connection with higher states of consciousness.

Here are summaries of the sources:

The Etheric Double (1969)- Discusses the concept of the etheric double, or subtle energy body, in spiritual and occult teachings.

Entangled Minds (2006)- Presents evidence that some psychic and paranormal phenomena could be explained by quantum entanglement and nonlocal interactions.

The Burning Times (1990)- Documentary film about the persecution of alleged witches in Europe between the 15th-18th centuries.

Life Beyond 100 (2006)- Argues that lifestyle changes could enable humans to routinely live to over 100 years old in good health.

Auras: See Them in Only 60 Seconds (2008)- Claims to provide techniques to see auras, or energy fields, around people within a minute.

Aura Readings for Beginners (2007)- Introduction to aura reading and interpreting the colors, shapes, and other characteristics of auras.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters (1979)- Relates quantum physics concepts to philosophy, mysticism and spiritual traditions in an accessible way.

The Seat of the Soul (1990)- Exploring the relationship between consciousness, mind, body and spirit through cross-cultural wisdoms and modern science.

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