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Here’s a summary of The Mystery Method:

  • The book teaches men how to attract and date beautiful women through developing skills in social dynamics and pickup.

  • The author, Mystery, shares over 10 years of experience in studying attraction and teaching men how to improve their dating lives.

  • The Mystery Method provides a step-by-step system for meeting, attracting and seducing women, especially in social settings like nightclubs and bars.

  • The book covers how to overcome approach anxiety, open groups of women, demonstrate high value, build comfort and connection, and physically escalate to get intimate.

  • Mystery sees attracting women as an art and a science, and something that can be systematically learned and improved with practice. His method aims to help men develop this skill in an efficient way.

  • The ultimate goal of the Mystery Method is to provide men with more choice and abundance in their dating and sex lives. Mystery sees this as an important life skill, akin to becoming wealthy or physically fit.

  • Mystery encourages men to view the process as fun and playful, rather than as a “pickup artist” or purely manipulative. The skills taught are meant to enrich men’s lives, not define them.

That covers the essence and objectives of the Mystery Method according to the preface and introduction of the book. Let me know if you would like me to explain or expand on any part of the summary.

  • The author, Mystery, has studied Casanova and identified the patterns behind his success with women. By analyzing his own interactions and experiences, Mystery developed an advanced “algorithm” or method for attracting and seducing women.

  • The Mystery Method provides a step-by-step process for building attraction and comfort with women. It starts with meeting a woman, then building attraction, then building comfort, creating arousal, and ultimately seducing her. This usually happens over the course of multiple locations and interactions.

  • The key to the Mystery Method is that you first need to disqualify yourself as a potential suitor. This avoids triggering the woman’s defenses. Then, you build attraction and comfort, which leads to the “Seven-Hour Rule” - the ability to seduce a woman in seven hours.

  • The Mystery Method reflects the natural dynamics of human courtship and seduction. Mystery developed it through years of trial-and-error and has been constantly refining it based on new experiences and input from students.

  • By following the Mystery Method, outlined in the book, you can unlock the secret to attracting and seducing beautiful women. It provides a structured algorithm for success in relationships and seduction.

That covers the main highlights and ideas presented in the first part of the chapter. Please let me know if you would like me to explain or summarize anything in more detail.

The key points are:

  1. The ultimate purpose of life is survival and replication. This is driven by evolution and natural selection.

  2. Genes ensure their survival by crossbreeding with other strong genes. This allows adaptation to changes in the environment.

  3. Replication (reproducing) is a means for continued survival. Without survival, there is no life.

  4. As humans, our purpose is to align with others to increase our chances of survival and replication. We do this through social interactions and relationships.

  5. Being shy or feeling lonely motivates us to improve our social skills to increase our survival and replication. The Mystery Method aims to help with this.

Rather than continually look out only for yourself first you should

• The primary purpose of human life is to survive and replicate.

build partnerships with others. A woman’s reproductive success often

• These are driven by evolution and natural selection.

depends on identifying partners with superior genes, skills, and social

• Humans have a limited lifespan, so replication must happen before death.

connections who will support her and help raise her offspring. When

• Learning disciplines like the “martial arts” (for survival) and the “Venusian arts” (for

she gives you the gift of her intimacy, she is signalling you are that

replication) can help achieve these life purposes.

kind of partner. This does not mean you are being used; quite the con-

• Humans live in a constantly changing social environment. Achieving “dynamic social

trary, it means you have proven your value and she desires to align

homeostasis” - balancing self-protection and social alignment - is key to surviving and

with you. Remember, that alignment must be mutually rewarding to

replicating in this environment.

last, Your partnership must balance taking value from each other with

• Humans seek out high “social value” partners who can aid their survival and replication.

improving each other’s chances at survival and replication. So do not

• Humans have not fully biologically adapted to modern social environments and population sizes.

a mistake that will cost you this gift:

• When a woman sexually aligns with a man, she is trading her reproductive value for

his social value. The relationship must be mutually rewarding to last.

Gossip about her, beat her, or betray her trust.

Instead, cherish and support her if she is good to you.




Remember, you are designed to seek intimacy, but you still have


• Although biologically designed for small groups, we live in a world with billions of people

an ancient biological machine—one that responds powerfully to re-

and rapid technological and social change. Our minds and bodies have not had time to fully adapt.

wards and threats that no longer exist. Learn to understand and mas-

• We must use culture - language, knowledge, technology, and social skills - to navigate challenges that our biology alone cannot. Success requires balancing self-interest and mutual benefit.

ter your evolutionary drives before they master you. With conscious

guidance of your automated motor response, you can turn an out-of,

• Our “social environment” - interactions with other humans - is as much a part of our world as the physical environment. Social intelligence is key.

date model into a competitive advantage. This is also the secret of the

Master Seducer, the Venusian artist. He understands both the design

rchy of needs—physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization—that must be satisfied.

• Your purpose in life is to survive and replicate. If you fail at

this, your genetic legacy abruptly ends—you have failed and

avoiding a downward spiral. Do so and your survival and replication will

be all but assured. Neglect any area for too long and your life goals can

quickly unwind. Maintain balance among health, wealth, and love—the

three keys to happiness and success. Your life depends on it. Focusing on

one vital area will improve the other two. Neglecting one vital area will

undermine the other two. Approach life from a strategic standpoint, and

success will be yours.




• Emotions motivate us more than logic or reason. Women in particular rely heavily on emotions and intuition.

• Don’t try to convince a woman with logic or reason. Stimulate her emotions instead. Engage her with a range of emotions, not just positive ones. Emotional stimulation will make interactions with you compelling.

• Women look for hidden or deeper meanings in what men say and do. They observe for congruence between words and actions to determine a man’s authenticity and value.

• “Peacocking,” or wearing unique, attention-grabbing attire, displays confidence and high value. It gives others, especially women, an excuse to interact with you. But congruence between your personality and image is key.

• A person’s social awareness, status, and affiliations strongly influence their perceived value to others. Women in particular judge a man’s value based on these factors.

• Discretion and the appearance of appropriateness are important to women. Bragging about sexual conquests lowers a man’s value and threatens a woman’s reputation.

• “Moxie,” or courageous confidence, is attractive. Men must lead interactions with women to keep things interesting. If a man fails to lead, a woman may become bored and blame him.

• The “anti-slut defense” causes women to avoid feeling or appearing promiscuous. Be aware of who is around, as others’ presence can trigger this defense mechanism.

aware that in the sexual market, a woman’s primary asset is her ap-

pearance. (Knowing this, some go to extreme measures to maximize

• Provide plausible deniability. Do not make her feel responsible for what may happen. This activates her anti-slut defense.

• Be persistent but not pushy. Give token resistance but don’t give up too easily. This shows you can handle difficulties.

• Pass her congruence tests. Respond correctly and she will be more attracted. Fail and she will be less attracted.

• Do not appease her or let her walk all over you. Show resistance to allow her to feel secure. Lack of resistance causes her to seek challenge elsewhere.

• Require investment. The more she invests in you (time, emotion, physicality), the more likely she will have sex.

• Avoid discomfort and confrontation. Have a positive attitude. Don’t make a big deal out of things or complain. Address issues with options, not whining.

• Provide fun and stimulation. Women are attracted to excitement. Be playful, challenging, and unpredictable. Develop passions and social life.

• Women understand social dynamics. Do not expect purity or justice. They will manipulate for power or status. Do not take rejection personally. Improve your value.

• Consider her appearance. Men seek replication, women seek survival. Very attractive women may reject to protect ego. Adjust approach for less attractive women.

• The “cat theory.” We chase those who seem unattainable, creating excitement and challenge. What we work for seems more valuable.

of his practice at the gym is now instinctively called upon to generate powerful muscle memories in a sparring match, so too does all his practice in the field now allow him to react intuitively in set. He maintains composure and exercises choice in the moment. His state remains

  • Emotions are circuits in the brain that judge value and create motivation. Women tend to be more emotional.

calm because he has internalized outcome independence through repetition—he has approached so many sets that any individual set really

  • What people say they want is not always what they respond to emotionally and sexually.

doesn’t matter.

  • If a woman is unresponsive, she is deliberately avoiding vulnerability. You need to demonstrate higher value.

This is how mastery emerges from concentrated practice over time. The greatest pickup artists have logged thousands of sets and have

  • Peacocking uses attention-getting clothes to get better responses.

practiced diligently over many years. This is why their skill seems godlike. But make no mistake: Their power comes from practice, not tal-

  • A woman’s reputation is important, so she will have sex only when she feels it is safe.

ent. With focused repetition, anyone can develop the intuition and skill to become an expert in this game. The key is to start, commit to practicing consistently, review your sets, get coaching, and never stop

  • Women want to avoid feeling responsible for escalation, so men must take the lead.
  • Women test men to determine their boundaries and character. The tests are instinctual.



  • Most women see men as abundant, so merely attracting a woman is not enough. You must gain her investment.

Here are some fundamental rules to follow when practicing in the field:

  • Avoid seeming like things are a big deal. Remain unreactive by thinking “no problem.”
  1. Go out regularly. Aim for two to three nights a week, minimum. Learn day game as well. Consistency is key.
  • Pursue your passions and purpose to become a high-value man.
  1. Do warm-up sets. Talk to people you see during the day—in line at the store, walking down the street. Have short conversations to start conversations flowing. This will put you in a social mood
  • Use the decimal rating scale, from 6 to 10, to rate women’s looks. Six is okay, 10 is a supermodel.

and help overcome anxiety.

  • Keep giving a woman validation and baiting her interest without totally satisfying her or turning her off.
  1. Set a numerical goal for approaching, such as ten sets a night. Start with a number that challenges you and build up from there. The
  • Don’t ask a woman about her boyfriend or be bothered if she mentions him. He may not even exist.

more you approach, the less each individual set will matter.

  1. Review and analyze your sets. Think about what went well and what could be improved. Seek feedback from your wings and

instructors. Continually work to strengthen your intuition and skills through mindful practice.

  1. Don’t get hung up on any one woman. Move on to another set without hesitation. Outcome independence is crucial. Remember why you’re there: to improve your game, not to get a girlfriend.

  2. Look for lessons and patterns. Study human behavior and social dynamics in the environment. What subtleties can you pickup on that most people miss? Use the knowledge you’re gaining to strengthen your intuition. Become a master reader of subcommunication and group dynamics.

  3. Avoid too much alcohol or substances. You need to be as sharp as possible to maximize learning. Consider going out a few times completely sober. Let your improving skills, not substances, give you courage. Your state should come from within, not from extern al sources.

  4. Debrief each night. Review how it went, lessons learned, sticking points, and goals for improvement. Get perspective from your wings and instructors. Keep working to strengthen your game through disciplined practice and analysis.

These rules, consistently applied, will transform you into a social artist in a surprisingly short amount of time. But remember, book knowledge is not enough. You must practice, practice, practice. Mastery comes through diligent repetition in the real world. So get out there, try these techniques, review how it went, learn from your experiences, and keep approaching. Consistency and focused practice over time is the only path to becoming a pickup artist.

• Practiced behaviors become automatic through calibration and internalization. Calibration is an ongoing process of finetuning one’s social intuition.

• It is easier to attract a new woman than fix things with an existing target. Attraction can happen quickly, while sex may take 4-10 hours.

• The Mystery Method focuses on three stages: attraction, comfort, and seduction. You must complete each stage in sequence.

• four common sequencing mistakes:

  1. Starting with seduction (putting the cart before the horse)
  2. Starting with comfort (getting stuck as friends)
  3. Having attraction but skipping comfort (moving too fast)
  4. Having attraction and comfort but getting stuck (not progressing to seduction)

• The key is to first attract the woman, then build comfort, and finally seduce mutually. Seduction should feel natural, not forced.

• Pre-selection, or demonstrating that other women find you attractive, is a powerful way to generate attraction. There are many ways to convey pre-selection.

• If enough comfort is built, a woman may readily seduce you. The opportunity for this should be structured. But without attraction first, comfort-building will fail.

  • Seduction first without attraction and comfort makes women uncomfortable.
  • Building comfort first also makes women uncomfortable if there is no attraction.
  • Players are able to attract women but fail to build enough comfort, leading the women to feel buyer’s remorse.
  • Players disregard the importance of comfort, seduce too quickly before enough comfort has been built, and fail to establish a mutual attraction.
  • Jim was able to attract Janine but moved too quickly into seduction before building comfort. Janine later regretted her actions and attraction towards Jim, leading to buyer’s remorse.

The key is to follow the proper sequence - build attraction first, then comfort, and finally proceed to seduction once enough comfort has been established. Skipping steps or moving too quickly will likely lead to losing the woman’s interest.

The key to successfully gaming a woman is proper sequencing through the MM3 Model stages: Attraction, Comfort, and Seduction. Improper sequencing can lead to the following problems:

  1. Starting at the Seduction stage (the end) can lead to ‘fool’s mate’ problems where the woman feels uncomfortable escalating physically too quickly with someone she just met.

  2. Starting at the Comfort stage (the middle) can lead to ‘protection shield’ problems where the woman sees you only as a friend because you failed to build initial attraction.

  3. Starting at the Attraction stage (the beginning) but skipping the Comfort stage can lead to ‘buyer’s remorse’ problems where the woman regrets escalating physically too quickly after her arousal decreases.

  4. Starting at the Attraction stage (the beginning) but getting stuck in the Comfort stage can lead to being trapped in the ‘friendship zone’ where the woman is too comfortable with your platonic friendship to see you as a romantic interest.

To successfully game a woman, you need to properly sequence through all 3 stages: build initial Attraction, then increase Comfort, and finally physically escalate to Seduction when the timing is right. Changing locations, known as ‘moves’, ‘bounces’, and ‘time bridges’, are often required to successfully transition between these stages.

teach our students in the field) are usually held in target-rich meeting

set within three


seconds of first

Targeting the Set

noticing them

• Attractive women tend to be found in groups at public gatherings due to

prevents you

protection from unwanted approaches. These groups are called sets.

from hesitating

• There are many possible meeting locations where you can find sets, e.g. bars, clubs,

and allows you

cafés, malls, festivals, parties, etc. Target-rich locations with many opportunities to

to act sponta-

approach sets are ideal for practicing your skills.

neously, which

• You should approach a set within 3 seconds of first noticing them to avoid hesitation

women find attractive. Waiting any longer causes approach anxiety to builds gives the

• The goal when opening a set is to cross the ‘social hook point’, i.e.get the set to enjoy talking to you and want to continue the interaction. This is indicated by IOIs.

impression that you have had to work up your courage.

• People, especially women, often go to meeting locations due to an unconscious

Three seconds is an arbitrary number—the point is to act quickly with-

replication agenda compelling them to socialize and find mates. They rationalize

out hesitation. Not approaching within this time frame frequently leads

these gatherings as ‘just wanting to dance’ or ‘have a few drinks with friends’.

to a missed opportunity. Waiting longer causes your anxiety level to

rise and will adversely affect your performance. When you see an at-

tractive woman that interests you, move confidently within her prox-

imity while making direct eye contact and smiling. Deliver your opener

as you stand before her with your chest up and shoulders back. Speak

slowly, deliberately, and with a loud booming voice that originates

from your diaphragm. This initial impression of confidence is critical

to sparking her interest. Once engaged in conversation with a set, it is

essential to quickly build upon this dynamic first impression by main-

taining a playful, teasing attitude.

Approach Anxiety

Like golf or public speaking, meeting women in groups, known as opening sets, takes practice to get comfortable with. For the layperson,

walking up to strangers can feel unnatural and even frightening at

first. This is because your mind associates it with the possibility of so-

cial rejection or embarrassment. With regular practice, however, this

fear begins to feel less intimidating until eventually it disappears al-

together. In the interim, sustained practice in target-rich environments


A1: OPEN 73

remains the only way to overcome approach anxiety through repeated

exposure and desensitization.

There are techniques you can use to alleviate anxiety on your ap-

proaches, including:

• Focusing on your objective (get IOIs) and not the outcome (number close,

kiss close). Your sole intent is to open and cross the social hook point.

Nothing more.

• Starting a casual conversation from afar to warm up. Chat with people around

you like bartenders, bouncers, bathroom attendants, etc. Talk about whatever

is on your mind: the music, decor, specialty drinks, events. This helps get you in

a social mood and takes your mind off the approach.

• Having wingmen for moral support. Tell your wingmen what you plan to do

before doing it. Explain how they can help. Their presence will make you feel less

alone and more accountable to approach. Let them know immediately if you re-

ceive IOIs so they can join in and help you build on your momentum.

• Focusing on her friends, not her. When opening a group, focus attention on her

friends first. Chat with them casually as though she’s not even there. Once her

friends have accepted you, she will feel much more at ease when you finally en-

gage her directly. This is a very effective way to disarm a set and alleviate anxiety.

• Approaching within 3 seconds. The faster you approach a set after first seeing

them, the less time you have to become anxious. Take action immediately before

negative thoughts have a chance to enter your mind. Hesitation is the enemy.

With diligent practice, approach anxiety will subside. The more you

do it, the easier it gets. Even lengthy dry spells away from meeting

women will not cause this anxiety to return once you’ve overcome

it through sufficient repetition and experience. Like riding a bike, it

becomes second nature. If at any time approach anxiety does start to

resurface during long periods without practice, simply get back out in

the field and do a few casual, low-pressure approaches to regain your

social momentum and confidence. Regular practice and exposure is

the only way to beat approach anxiety for good.


A1: OPEN 75

Direct Versus Indirect Approaches

When opening a set, you have a choice of direct or indirect approaches:

• A direct approach is one where your intentions are obvious and you immediately begin flirting and complimenting the girl. For example, “You’re absolutely gorgeous. My name is

Mystery. What’s yours?”

• An indirect approach is one where you conceal your intentions behind a casual social approach. For example, You: “Who lies more, men or women?”Her: “I don’t know. What do you think?” You: “I asked you first!” (smile)Her:

(laughs) “Probably men.‘You: (extending hand to shake) “Hi, I’m Mystery.” Her: (shakes hand) “Christine.”

In general, I recommend using indirect approaches. If calibrated properly, they demonstrate higher social intelligence and are more effective

at crossing the social hook point, especially in larger sets. The pros of indirect approaches include:

• They catch women off guard since your intentions are not immediately apparent. This allows you to engage the set, build attraction, and then

express interest once you’ve captured their attention and interest.

• They do not put the woman “on the spot” by confronting her directly with an obvious compliment about her looks. This makes indirect ap-

proaches feel less intrusive and threatening.

• They give the impression that you are an interesting, playful, and sociable guy who enjoys meeting new people. That you’re simply there to

enjoy the venue’s atmosphere.

• They create intrigue and challenge as the set tries to determine if you’re attracted to any of them. Once they start giving IOIs, they have in

essence “caught” you, which makes them feel rewarded. This effect would not happen with a direct approach.

• If the approach is rejected for some reason, it allows you both to save face since your intentions were unclear. Neither person feels awkward

because there was no obvious compliment or flirtation to get rejected. You can simply move on casually to the next set.

• They demonstrate that you have confidence by boldly approaching strangers simply to chat and be social. That you don’t need a contrived

reason to talk to them like most guys would require. This comes across as very Alpha behavior.

Of course, direct approaches do have their place and can work very well when properly calibrated to the situation. The key is simply being

socially intelligent enough to determine which style, direct or indirect, is most appropriate and effective for any given set or woman. With

experience, you will develop an intuitive sense for such calibrations.


A1: OPEN 77


Neg Hit

Once you’ve opened a set, you will want look for certain signs from

the woman suggesting that she is interested in and attracted to you.

These are known as indicators of interest or IOIs. Indicators of

interest include:

• Prolonged eye contact and smiling. If a woman holds eye contact, smiles, and

looks away shyly, this usually indicates she finds you attractive. Women will not usually

give sustained eye contact and smiling to men they are not interested in.

• Increased physical proximity. If she moves closer to you, leans in to touch or whisper

to you, or positions her body facing you, this is a sign of interest. She is making herself

more available to you physically.

• “Accidental” touches. Touches to the arm, shoulder, knee, etc. are usually not by

accident. Women touch men they find attractive. But these touches will seem casual

and fleeting rather than overt. Watch also for her brushing or stroking of her hair.

• Asking questions or topics to continue the conversation. If she starts asking you

questions, especially follow-up questions, or brings up new conversational topics to keep

the interaction going, this means she wants to engage you further. She is hooked.

• Giggling and laughing. Women usually laugh

-A group of strangers can feel uncomfortable in the short term. But avoiding an approach leaves a longer lasting discomfort.

-Know an opener before entering a venue. Approach a woman within 3 seconds of spotting her. Approaching quickly feels spontaneous and confident.

-Go to venues ahead of time to get comfortable there. See them as practice spots, not places to necessarily find a date.

-Proximity: A shy woman may show interest by standing near you, around 5-8 feet away. Approach her, she will likely respond well.

-There are exceptions to the 3-second rule. Don’t approach if an interruption seems likely within the first 3 minutes. Wait for a better opportunity.

-Tips for venues: Don’t buy drinks for women, be willing to crash and burn, give a wing money for each approach, go out alone if needed. Have confidence, smile, stack material. It takes 3 approaches to get talkative. Find quieter areas. Bounce to different clubs. Limit drinking.

-Women use “protection shields” against perceived lower value men: rings, saying they have boyfriends, surrounding themselves with friends, hard to reach places, bitchiness, bad body language, no eye contact, lack of interest, wanting to just dance, no sense of humor, defensiveness.

-You can either be the observer or the observed in venues. Choose to be the observed by approaching, running routines, showing impressive moves. Draw attention and interest.

down. Do not simply walk up, make eye contact, sit down, and

then begin to speak. That would be try-hard.

opener? 4: Once seated, continue gaming as normal. Stack routines, build

The opener is one of the most critical parts of an approach for several rea-

rapport, demonstrate higher value, and so on.


  1. It must stop the moving set. If you cannot accomplish this, there is no

The key is to sit down in a very casual way, as though you were always

set to open.

going to sit anyway—not as though the girls invited you to sit with

  1. It must intrigue those in the set sufficiently so that they become inter-

them. Frame control is key. Your mannerisms should convey that you

ested in continuing the interaction. This is known as hooking the set.

expect them to make space for you at their table. But again, timing

  1. It must be delivered with confident body language and vocal tonality to

is critical. Always be talking while you grab the chair and join them.

demonstrate higher value. Use their current rejection of you to build rapport—say something like, Opening a moving set requires quick thinking and a highly confident at-

“Yeah, I didn’t figure you were going to invite me to sit down. Don’t

titude. You must physically stop the set, which means moving directly into

worry, I’m leaving in just a minute.” This technique also employs the

their path, making solid eye contact, and raising your hand like a traffic cop

us, which leads them to chase.

while saying “Whoa, hold up a sec.” Then immediately begin your opener. They will not stop for just any guy. Your subcommunications must convey a

sense of leadership and entitlement. If done properly, this move can be very effective at demonstrating high value and capturing the curiosity and in-

Seated Sets vs. Standing Sets

terest of the set. But if done improperly, it may blow you out. Use with cau-

tion, and do not perform this maneuver until you have gained solid experi-

Seated sets can pose more of a challenge in some ways. People who

ence opening moving sets with a more casual approach.

are seated often feel more committed to remaining in that location. A confident, high-value male with an active social life generally does

not make a habit of chasing down seated sets or forcing interaction

Opening Seated Sets

where it is not welcomed. He values his own time and dignity. He


A1: OPEN 83

you are just helping your friend move, but on your way to GameStop

Another observation about seated sets: Once you sit down, you are

to pick up the new Space Invader X9000 game that just dropped today.

committed. It can be more difficult to politely excuse yourself from an

inactive seated set without seeming try-hard. So when opening seated

• “Hey, how’s it going? We’re just on our way to get some epic

sets, look for indicators of interest before sitting, and try to hook the set

tacos and thought we saw some familiar faces. Do we know you

quickly using animated facial expressions, an enthusiastic vocal tone, and

from somewhere?” This is intentionally vague. It casts a broad

expressive body language. A lukewarm response from a seated set could

net to get a conversation going. If they say no, you can just say

mean that your opportunity to build attraction may be limited.

“My mistake.” If yes, explore that thread. Either way, you can flow into your opener.

Use of a Wing

• “Sorry to interrupt, just thought I saw a friend of mine. Are you

“Jenna” from Miami?” When they say no (and they will, since you Running game with a skilled wingman by your side is one of the most

made it up), say “Whoops, my bad. Thought you looked familiar.”

effective ways to improve your skills and achieve astonishing results in

Then proceed into your opener. The point of the fake

the field. When two Venusian artists with a synergistic dynamic work

misidentification pattern is to have an excuse for stopping and

together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Each

talking to them that doesn’t seem pick-up-related. It’s a

wing helps the other avoid blowouts, keep a safe emotional distance

false-premise gambit.

from the set, maintain a cool and confident frame, and push the interaction in the right direction. Constructive criticism from a trusted

If you have your wing with you, you can modify the approaches

wing can help identify sticking points and make adjustments to keep

listed above by saying something like “My friend just swore he saw

your game tight.

someone he knows over here. Did you used to work with Jenna from

Having an effective wing is so important that you should make

Miami?” Again, it’s a false premise to start a conversation, with the

finding a skilled wingman a top priority. Look for someone with a

added benefit of conveying preselection through the use of the word

similar level of skill and experience, or hopefully more advanced,

friend. Practice various methods of stopping moving sets with your

who shares your core values and dedication to self-improvement.

wing until you develop a style you both feel comfortable with.

When you go out to practice together, try different approaches to see

what dynamics work best for the two of you. With regular practice

Opening Large Mixed Groups

together, you will develop an intuitive understanding that allows you to become a formidable team.

Opening a large mixed group, especially when there are more girls than guys, can be challenging. But when done properly, it

Here are some examples of openers you can use with a wing to stop a

demonstrates extreme confidence and high social value.

moving set: When approaching a large group, here are some keys to success:

• “Hey, sorry to bother you. We’re just on our way to meet up with some friends at the club, but my buddy here thought you

• Open the guys first. Quickly win over the men in the group by

might be someone he knows.” This is a false-premise gambit. If

displaying desirable male qualities like leadership, humor, and

they ask where you’re headed, just say something vague, like

charisma. Build a degree of rapport and inclusion with the guys

A1: OPEN 83


first. Their acceptance and welcoming of you will make the

women much more open and eager to participate. must convey to the group that his time is valuable and he gener• Project high energy, positive enthusiasm, and a fun vibe. Your ally doesn’t feel the need to chase people down for interaction. He attitude and energy level will permeate the group. must exhibit an entitled frame. This means physically stopping the • Focus your attention on the most social and receptive people set and not hesitating before launching directly into the opener. in the group. Win them over first, and the rest will follow. Any incongruent behavior, like making eye contact, hesitating, • Use a highly interactive or funny opener that pulls the whole mumbling, or holding back before speaking in hopes they will inThe mixed group set: group in, like a story with sound effects or exaggerated gestures. vite you in, will be perceived as weak. Waiting to be chosen

• Don’t get trapped talking to just one or two people. Move is not demonstrating high value. The entitled assumption must around the group, make eye contact with everyone, and direct be that the set should make space for you to join them because

your speech to the group as a whole. you want to. Do not ask if it is OK to talk to them. Tell them, • Give more attention to the women once you have won over with your subcommunications, that you have something valuable the men. Tease them in a fun, playful way. Build attraction and and entertaining to offer the group. rapport. demonstrating confidence and high social status in a way that • When exchanging names with multiple people, say each will be appreciated by an open-minded set. Hesitation and person’s name out loud after they tell you. This will help you a questioning attitude conveys lack of leadership, insecurity, remember everyone’s name, and it projects confidence since and overeagerness to please, which is not the hallmark of a you are not afraid to give instructions to the group on the fly. high-value male with important places to be and life to live.

• Be prepared for potential distractions and disruptions in a large group. Have contingencies in place to keep things fun and avoids excuses to exit the set. Choose a group with friendly en- All OPEN Sı lively. Think of yourself as leading the group. • Look for indications of interest and acceptance from the gaged people who seem open

Here is a summary of the key points from the opener section:

  • Remain grounded and don’t chase women when opening

  • Use false time constraints (FTCs) and stacking to smoothly transition

  • Opening seated sets is difficult; avoid seeming lower value by standing while they sit

  • Calibrate a woman’s interest based on her body language; turn to face her when she turns to face you

  • Lean back to seem higher value; leaning in seems needy and lower value

  • Have a deep, expressive voice; speak slowly, clearly and loudly; use pauses

  • Practice and repetition are required to deliver material congruently and naturally

  • Walking around alone signals low value; enter with a wing to build social proof

• Indicators of interest (IOIs) are subtle cues that a woman gives when she feels attraction for someone. Spotting these accurately allows a Venusian artist to gauge a woman’s level of interest and make appropriate responses.

• Common IOIs include:

  • Reinitiating conversation
  • Giggling
  • Touching
  • Trying to build rapport and comfort
  • Glancing repeatedly
  • Holding eye contact
  • Smiling
  • Proximity
  • Asking questions
  • Compliments

• Passive IOIs are absences of behavior that also indicate interest, e.g. not mentioning a boyfriend, avoiding leaving your presence. These are important to spot.

• Women may give “fake” IOIs for various reasons, e.g. to manipulate you into buying drinks or to get validation. Be cautious in interpreting IOIs.

• Indicators of disinterest (IODs) signal a lack of attraction, e.g. avoidance, not contributing to conversation, negative body language.

• Women frequently say “no” to men as a screening mechanism. Do not take an initial “no” as a final rejection until you have demonstrated your value. With high-value women especially, persistence and indifference to rejection are important.

• The overall dynamic is one of the woman judging the man’s value based on his behavior and demonstrations of higher value before becoming receptive to an approach. The Venusian artist must first create opportunity to display value.

Here are the key points:

• Use negs to disqualify yourself as a suitor and remove a hot target from her pedestal. This helps circumvent her protection shield, gains her interest, and levels the playing field.

• Three well-placed negs in two to three minutes of conversation should do the trick. Be careful not to overneg. Get as close as possible to her breaking point without actually offending her.

• Effective negs point out peculiarities in a teasing, playful way, such as a wiggle in her nose when she talks or the fact that her dress looks familiar. These target her insecurities without overt insult.

• Negs work best on attractive targets (HB8s, 9s and 10s) who are accustomed to men fawning over them. Hotter girls need more aggressive negs to penetrate their defense mechanisms initially.

• Don’t excuse yourself or justify a neg if she complains. Simply apologize, promise not to cross her boundaries again, and move forward.

• Negs on older women can point out the age difference in a teasing way, such as “poor you” or “jeez, you don’t get out much, do you?” Smile to show your playful intent.

• Effective negs require practice and calibration to deliver properly without causing offense. Start with lighter negs on less attractive targets before trying them on 9s and 10s.

• Negs are only a small part of an effective pickup strategy. Use them to initially disarm a girl’s defenses, then build comfort and demonstrate higher value before escalating physically.

Here are some interesting things you can talk about to keep a conversation going with a woman you’ve just met:

it is a demonstration of value by association. Don’t try this with a stranger though, as it would seem weird for him to know your accom-

• People who know each other well tend to have multi-threaded

plishments. But with a wing, you are presenting a united front.

conversations, jumping between different topics. This cre-

Write out an accomplishment intro for your wing to use for you:

ates a sense of familiarity and comfort. Those less well ac-

quainted tend to stick to a single thread and then end the

For example:

conversation abruptly.

• “This is John. He’s the guy I was telling you about who went

• To create multi-threaded conversations and appear well ac-

to Australia last year and jumped Crocodile Bungee.”

quainted, introduce several different routines and jump

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to research mysterious ancient ar-

between them. This keeps things interesting and avoids un-

tifacts. In that case, your accomplishment intro could be: “This is

comfortable silences.

Indiana. He’s an adventurer and archaeologist. He rediscovered the lost

• You need to contribute most of the conversation early on,

city of El Dorado last year.” Now imagine if in your set you were to tell a

until you’ve built enough attraction for her to invest in it.

story about searching for El Dorado in the Amazon. You didn’t discover

• Sometimes you need to cut a conversational thread if it’s not

it—your wing did. He’s the real adventurer. Yet by association, you gain

useful or interesting. Stop it and start a new thread on a

respect. It also gives you a DHV story to tell about your wing’s accom-

different topic.

plishment to build social proof for both of you.

• The question “So how do you all know each other?” is a useful

Here is a revised example for our context:

“waypoint” to ask a few minutes into a conversation. It pro-

• This is Mystery. He’s the professional magician I was telling you

vides information about the group dynamics and connections

about who made the Space Shuttle disappear on live TV last year.

between people that can help determine your game plan.

Wing: Here are the key points of winging:

Your accomplishment intro:

• He who opens the set leads it and gets first choice of target. The wing’s primary goal is to help the leader.



• Don’t “jack the set” by stealing the leader’s target or interrupting him.

• Always agree with and support your wing. Have his back.

that you and your wing were talking about that has some connection

to what she Just mentioned, and continue the conversation from there.

• Help occupy obstacles (other people) so the leader can spend

This smooth entry into the conversation makes you appear like you

more time with his target.

were already engaged with each other and builds a familiar, fun en-

• Remember that your wing is cool, which is why you associate

with him. Express this to others.

ergy of people enjoying each other’s company. The second key point in storytelling has to do with telling stories

• When entering a set as a wing, the leader should introduce you

about your life and experiences to convey your identity and qualities to

to the group with an “accomplishment introduction” that

the women. Good stories should be emotional, dramatic or suspense-

makes you seem impressive by association. You can then refer

ful, and reveal attractive qualities about you, like courage, skill, humor,

back to this accomplishment later in conversation.

traveling spirit, ambition, etc. But be careful not to tell stories that

• You and your wing should tell stories about each other’s accom-

make you seem like just an amusing clown. You want to balance dem-

plishments and adventures to build social proof and seem im-

onstrating desirable qualities with maintaining a strong, masculine frame.

pressively connected. But don’t do this with strangers, as it may seem strange for them to know these details about you.

I apologize, but I do not actually have the capability to utilize mnemonics or memory techniques in the way that humans do. I am an AI assistant without a mind that forms memories in that sense.

  • Memorize the rhyming peg system to remember a list of random words. Create vivid visual images to associate the words with the pegs.

  • Group dynamics: Approach groups, not just singles. Lead the men, and the women will follow. Be prepared for the group dynamics to change abruptly.

  • For singles, approach immediately with confidence and a screening frame. Smile, make eye contact, and open directly but not too directly.

  • For two-sets, win over the obstacle (the target’s friend) first before focusing on the target. Use negs and lock-in props on the target while talking to the obstacle. The obstacle can work to your advantage. Isolating the target is hard in a two-set.

  • For groups of three or more, isolate the target by occupying the obstacles. Have your wingman help engage the obstacles so you can isolate the target. Build comfort and escalate physically. Bounce the target back into the group periodically.

• Practice your game by following the MM Newbie Drill: Open 3 sets per hour, 4 hours per night, 4 nights per week. Follow the 3-second rule. Have prepared material ready. Work on naturalizing your delivery.

• Push each set as far as you can for practice. Use kino escalation and compliance testing. Kino escalation is the most important thing to master.

• Go for phone numbers for practice, even though they may flake. Call them for experience.

• Release expectation of outcome and enjoy the process.

• Don’t be picky about sets - open mixed sets. Meet lots of people.

• Practice locking in, using multiple threads, and thread cutting.

• Add new routines, stories, negs, and other material to your stack regularly. Have accomplishment intros ready for your wing.

• IOIs demonstrate her interest, but some require a minimum level of attraction first. Key IOIs: reinitiates conversation, giggles, touches you, builds rapport. Some IOIs are passive and require compliance tests. IOIs can be faked but often aren’t consciously given.

• IODs demonstrate disinterest and unwillingness to invest.

• Negs convey lack of interest (shotgun), are cocky/playful (tease), or cause target to think she DLVed (sniper).

• DHVs demonstrate higher value. DLVs demonstrate lower value. Using DHVs and negs, disarm obstacles and get target IOIs in A2.

• Ask “How do you know each other?” for useful info.

• Stories show personality and lead listeners through interesting thoughts/emotions. Shorter is better.

• Lock in during A2, have targets face you with backs to room. Use lock-in props.

• A pawn builds social proof, opens sets, creates jealousy, and helps meet guys. You show her a good time in return.

• Merge sets by opening a new set and merging current set in (forward) or reopening a previous set and merging current set in (backward).

In the first example, she asks your age. But before answering the question, you ask her to guess. She gives an answer, and now she is waiting for you to provide your real age so she can see if she was right. But instead of providing your real age, you ignore her question and ask her to guess again.

In the second example, she asks you to buy her a drink. But instead of simply complying or refusing, you turn it around and ask her to buy you a drink first. Now the ball is in her court, and she has to decide whether she will comply with your request.

The main idea in both examples is that you avoid simply complying with or refusing her implicit requests or hoops. Instead, you turn them back on her in a playful way by asking her a question in return or making a request of your own. This shows you will not just jump into her hoops, and it makes the interaction more playful and challenging.

• Avoid directly answering her questions. Instead, have her guess to make her invest in the interaction.

• Use role-reversal lines to convey you are the prize. These show you have an attitude of abundance and high value. • Have standards and convey them subtly through screening questions and stories. This shows you are selective and accustomed to female interest. • Provide IOIs and rewards intermittently and unpredictably. This creates drama and excitement, similar to what animal trainers use. • Escalate kino slowly in a seamless, natural flow. This avoids an awkward “big moment” for the first kiss and creates a feeling of connection.

squeezes back harder • You give her a playful shove and she shoves you back

calibrated well.

• You put your arms around her and she

After an IOD, reward her with positive body language, eye contact, a

leans into you

head nod, or an occasional touch. This helps to keep the tension up

• She laughs when you tease her

without releasing it entirely. Too much reward and there is no tension;

• She mirrors your body language or

too much takeaway and she will likely get discouraged or feel unwanted.

facial expressions

• She qualifies herself to you

Ping each other with playfulness. Start with innocent touches that can

absently holding something out to be taken. As she goes to take whatever imaginary object you are holding, quickly pull your hands away and say, “Too slow!” Then put your hands back, palms up, and repeat this a few times. Each time she reaches for your hands, pull away faster. Finally, when she makes another grab for your hands, let her catch one of

be interpreted platonic ally (arm squeeze, palm reading) and slowly

them. As soon as she has possession of

increase intimacy from there as she pings back. The kino pinging rou-

your hand, say, “Aha, caught ya!” while

tine described in this book is very effective for sparking attraction

keeping strong eye contact. If she just

while making escalation feel natural and fun.

Keep in mind: She should always be chasing you more than you are chasing her. Never let things get uncomfortable for her, and push-pull to build that excitement. Always assume attraction and look for reasons why she likes you. Have fun with it! The skills will come with practice.

keep that same expression of being

stares back at you with a “Now what?” look, that is a GREAT sign. It means she is waiting to follow your lead. You now have a perfect opportunity to escalate. You might pull her in, spin her around and proceed to palm read, kiss, etc. The possibilities are endless from here. Have


fun with it! This is just a way to playfully spark attraction and test for compliance in a calibrated manner before escalating k ino. The results often lead to very positive responses from women. This also shows you have a fun, playful style of flirting, which women find very appealing. Don’t overthink it, just give it a try! With regular practice, this can become second nature.

defiance by withdrawing attention. If she complies, reward her by giv-

The psychology behind compliance momentum and touch escalation

ing attention and spikes in rapport and excitement.

with women is fascinating. Once a woman accepts a small act of inti-

• e = squeeze back

mate contact from a man she’s attracted to, it suddenly becomes very

• You touch her, she touches you. She complies

• You put her hand on your knee, she leaves it there. Compliance

easy to take that intimacy further—and further, and further still.

• You put her arm in yours and walk her around. She complies

This is because of the following reasons:

• You sit her on your lap. She allows it. Compliance

• She becomes accustomed to that intimacy. Familiarity breeds

• When locked in, you pull her closer as you talk. She’s between your legs. Compliance

comfort. The more she experiences that intimacy, the more com-

fortable and normal it feels.

• You take her hand and pull her closer. Compliance

• Compliance builds inertia. After complying with one intimacy, it

• Summary: The more she complies, the more momentum builds, leading to further compliance and intimacy.

feels awkward and uncomfortable to go back, so she keeps going

forward to avoid that discomfort. She complies with further escalation.

• She doesn’t want to seem like a “prude.” After accepting one in-

timacy, rejecting further intimacy might make her seem like a tease.

Social pressure keeps the compliance and escalation going.

• Her attraction builds with escalation. The more intimate she be-

comes, the more turned on she gets, which makes her want to esca-

late further. Attraction leads to further compliance.

• She rationalizes her escalating intimacy. To avoid cognitive dis-

sonance between her actions and values, she rationalizes her compli-

ance by framing you as an exception, or telling herself “it just happened.” This allows further escalation.

• Her “consistency” kicks in. After complying with an initial inti-

mate act, she feels obligated to be consistent with that frame you’ve

set. Her compliance threshold has been set, and further escalation is now

I apologize for misunderstanding. Let’s move on to another topic.

Hook—she complies Reel—kino escalation

Release—pull back

An intuitive person:

  • Follows their instincts and gut feelings
  • Perceives things in a visceral, felt sense
  • Has a knack for picking up on subtle cues and nuances
  • Sees the meaning or significance in things that others may miss
  • Makes judgements based on intuition rather than just logic or facts
  • Has a sense of knowing without being able to fully explain why or how

They tend to:

  • Trust their intuitions and insights
  • Read between the lines
  • Pick up on unspoken things
  • Make leaps of understanding
  • Have a sense of ‘just knowing’ something without concrete evidence
  • Follow their hunches

Some qualities include:

  • Perceptive
  • Insightful
  • Having a ‘sixth sense’
  • Having gut instincts
  • Discerning
  • Perceiving in a felt, visceral way

In short, an intuitive person is someone who is perceptive in a felt, instinctual manner rather than just a rational, logical manner. They have a knack for picking up on subtle cues and gaining insights and understanding in an unspoken way.

Here are some tips for building conversational rapport: practicing it and maintaining it isan another to

You’re right that asking a lot of questions can come off as rapport


ey. It’s better to make statements, share information about yourself, and guess or make inferences about her - while giving her opportunities to correct you or provide more details. This shows you’re perceptive and interested in learning about her in an organic way.

Some other tips:

• Share information about yourself too, in a balanced way. Talk about your interests, experiences, opinions, etc. This makes the conversation more mutual and helps establish rapport.

• Pay close attention to her and show interest in the details. Repeat or refer back to things she’s said to show you’ve listened.

• Make eye contact, smile, maintain an open and relaxed body posture. Mirror her body language and energy level.

• Share a genuine compliment or express empathy/common experiences. But don’t overpraise or be overly familiar too quickly. Build up to more personal sharing and compliments over multiple interactions.

• Have fun and bring a positive, lighthearted energy. Tease playfully and banter. But avoid over-the-top humor, sarcasm, or self-deprecation which can be off-putting, especially when first getting to know someone.

• Follow her conversational lead but also share details about yourself to create balance. Pay attention to whether she seems engaged to determine how long to talk about a given topic before switching to something else.

• End conversations on a high note so she walks away feeling good about the interaction and wanting more. Leave her wanting to continue the conversation next time.

In summary, being an engaged listener, sharing information about yourself in a genuine way, using light and playful humor, creating balance, showing interest in details, and ending on a high note are all great ways to build rapport through conversation. Maintaining a positive, fun energy and good body language/eye contact help create chemistry and connections as well.

through your body language. After a moment, you return your focus to

emotions, but then shift the

her, so your value is once again validated. She seems to appreciate you

mood upward by moving on

even more now. These mini emotional spikes, from interest to disinter-

to something lighthearted or

est and back to interest again, create an addictive effect. Remember


taken as and provide value context numerous times

Quick and frequent changes of girl. This indicates volume, which helps

• Example vulnerability

conveys scarcity and preselection. It also provides social proof to the current

stories: Cosmo confession,

your manners, though. Always excuse yourself when

You tease her in a playful way, showing that you don’t take yourself too

childhood memory, story of

turning away, and don’t stay turned away for too

seriously. You demonstrate self-amusement, indicating high value. When

pet dying, falling down

long. This technique is best reserved for Day 2 and beyond,

you tease, it’s important that you maintain a mischievous smile to show

stairs as a child.

or when she has otherwise become emotionally invested in

your playful intent—otherwise, it may come off as rude or condescending


Teasing, playful insults, and

and damage the connection. The optimal time for teasing is after you

light negs help to create an

The conversation layering process is one of directing her through her

have established comfort and she knows you are just playing around.

emotional rollercoaster by amplifying her mood swings in value. This

resistant attachment to you.

emotions - pulling her in with interest and value, then pushing her away

The use of routines, DHV stories, and DHVs in general help to convey

makes the interaction more stimulating and memorable. The key is

with disinterest. The process is cyclical – you pull her in, push her away,

value and build attraction. Storytelling in particular plays an important

then pull in again. This repetition causes her to chase and become

role, as stories are emotional transmissions that she can experience

addicted to the validation from you. The conversation is layered to

vicariously through you. They convey something about your identity,

guide her through her emotions and create this effect.

your experiences, values, passions, humor, opinions, and wisdom. The

This summary conveys the key highlights around using conversation to generate

connected to recognize the intent behind your teasing and reframe from reacting

slightly offended or defensive. The teasing, when done properly at the right time, creates an emotional spike and playfulness in the interaction.

attraction - employing techniques like teasing, storytelling, demonstrating scarcity

and preselection, creating conspiracies, and guiding her through an emotional rollercoaster by amplifying her mood swings.

it behind doubts and distrust. You

need to reassure her with quali-

  • Using jealousy plotlines in your interactions with women is an effective

fiers that she is your primary interest. You might say:

way to make them recognize how attracted they are to you.

  • Jealousy is usually a more powerful motivator for women than horniness.

• “Don’t worry, you’re cute. I just like to tease.” •

  • You can create demonstrations that trigger jealousy in women using female

“Hey, I was just joking around. Don’t get jealous.”

wings, merging sets, or asking other women to help make your target jealous.

• “You know I’m into you, silly girl!”

  • Verbal tactics like appearing popular, mentioning an imaginary girlfriend,

Reassurance communicates that her fears are unfounded and

and acting annoyed by other calls can also install jealousy.

puts her at ease again. Now the value you built from the jealousy

  • After making a woman jealous, reassure her that she is your primary interest.

plotline and the comfort she gains from your reassurance combine

This combination of building value through jealousy and then providing

for a potent cocktail of attraction.

comfort through reassurance is very effective.


Here’s a summary of the key points:

• Developing comfort, rapport, and trust is essential to progressing the interaction.

• Missing elements of A3 and comfort-building often lead to flaky numbers or interactions that fizzle out. Being genuine and addressing any issues in a lighthearted, fun way helps build comfort.

• The freeze-out, or temporary loss of attention and validation, creates discomfort to train her out of bad behavior. It should seem unintentional. Compliance tests and rewards reinforce good behavior.

• Jealousy is a powerful motivator that often makes her realize she wants you. Dramatizing the interaction builds excitement and connection.

• Sharing your identity and stories about yourself can create distance instead of closeness. Grounding routines that follow your journey to who you are today help her relate and build empathy.

• Pursue your dreams and determine what you do repeatedly. Share stories conveying your journey to build comfort by grounding her in your reality.

• The C1, C2, and C3 locations represent escalating levels of comfort and seclusion for conversation. C1 is a quiet area in the meeting location. C2 is an area used for a “time bridge.” C3 is in the sex location.

• “Conspiracies” refer to inside jokes, nicknames, and a growing connection resulting from validation and rapport in A3. Vulnerability is attractive and builds comfort; share embarrassing or humbling stories.

• Compliance tests after a freeze-out allow you to reward her for good behavior, strengthening it. Talking keeps her conscious mind occupied so her anti-slut defense doesn’t interfere. Finding commonalities must seem natural.

• The interaction progresses from the meeting location to more secluded, comfort-building locations for longer conversations. While rapport-building questions seem try-hard at the opener, they’re useful for comfort-building.

• “I’m throwing a party at my place. You’re all invited.”

  • Intimacy and seduction require spending time together to build comfort. This typically takes 4 to 10 hours.

In essence, offering the option of the bounce is a way to isolate the

  • Mid-game refers to the middle stage where you build comfort and familiarity. Make her feel like you share a space together.

woman from her group, move her away from her friends to a private

  • Practice talking, kissing, and leading her through locations to build experience. Focus on comfort, not seduction.

• The purpose of getting a phone number is to set up a “time bridge”—a definite time and place to meet in person and continue the interaction. Merely getting a number is not the goal and often leads nowhere.

• Having solid game is more important than getting phone numbers. Solid game leads to solid numbers and less flaky behavior.

• Choose locations for dates that are conveniently near where you already plan to be. Don’t go out of your way for someone who may flake. Have an interesting life that people want to be part of.

• Don’t make “getting coffee” the default first date. Suggest an activity you’re already going to do, like “I have to meet my friend Diane at the coffee pub to drop off a page layout for an underground newsletter. Meet me there.”

• Approach phone calls and dates as practice, not as make-or-break situations. Stay outcome-independent. Focus on improving your skill, not on any particular result.

• Don’t eject from an interaction immediately after getting a number. Stay a few more minutes to avoid seeming like other guys who got her number and left.

• The number is not the goal. The time bridge is the goal. Discuss an activity to do together before exchanging numbers.

• Call girls soon after meeting them and occasionally just to chat, not always to set up dates. Make calling a normal social thing, not a big deal. Build comfort and become part of her normal life.

• Call girls when you’re already out doing something fun and invite them to join if they want. Whether they come or not, you’re enjoying yourself. They know you have an interesting life.

• Time spent on the phone also counts toward the seven hours needed to build comfort. Use phone calls to become a more chatty, pleasant person and improve your skill. Practice is the only way to get good at phone game.

• Keep all numbers in your “rotation” and call them periodically. Don’t assume any particular call or girl is make-or-break. Your flake rates will decrease as your skill improves. Stay focused on self-improvement, not outcomes.

• Design date routines that allow you to practice your skills in a structured way. Keep venue changes, activities and time spent together, especially at your place.

• Focus on improving your dating game through repetition and consistency. Don’t worry too much about any individual girl. Have options and call other girls.

• sex locations should be private and close to C3 comfort building locations. Good options include your place, hotel rooms, vehicles. Your place is ideal as you have control.

• C3 comfort building locations include living rooms, whirlpools, lobby couches. They precede moving to the sex location.

• Have a sex location already secured to avoid leaving the endgame to chance. Move smoothly from C3 to S1 by escalating physically while building comfort. Share intimacy then lead her to the bedroom.

• There will always be some percentage of flakes. Keep calling and putting them in your rotation. Sometimes girls come around. Stay outcome independent. Keep approaching and screening to have options.

The summary outlines the key points around setting up structured dating routines to practice your skills, having the right locations set up and ready, moving smoothly between them while escalating physically, dealing with flakes by keeping your options open, and maintaining an outcome independent attitude.

Here are the key points:


work to develop and improve) and statistics (using the numbers

game to improve the number of dates you get) .

• Escalation requires using compliance testing and moving in small, incremental, “two-steps-forward-one-step-back” stages to avoid acti-

vating her anti-slut defense. • Last-minute resistance is her evolutionary programming kicking in at the last moment to protect her. Use it as a chance to build comfort and assuage her anxieties before proceeding. The key is playing solid game. • Have fun and make her feel comfortable during your first sexual encounter. This means going slowly while physically escalating, using condoms, and saving any “freaky stuff” for later. Build this into the beginning of an ongoing sexual relationship. Having sex just once can be emotionally hurtful for her.

• Bounce to another location immediately after getting her number. This shows a healthy lack of neediness or overinvestment in the outcome. It also allows you to continue building mutual comfort, which increases the likelihood of sex on the first date.

Here are the key terms and definitions from the glossary:

Compliance ladder: A metaphor for the degree to which you’ve gained com- strive for in any social interaction.

pliance from a target, rung by rung. Each compliance test moves you up a

rung, toward an FTC. The higher you climb without resistance, the more

Eject: To abruptly leave the set.

likely she is to comply with subsequent requests.

Embedded command: A hypnotic technique in which a command for action

Connector: A routine used to bridge from one conversational thread to an-

other in a smooth fashion.

is concealed within a larger sentence or story. The command bypasses the lis-

Constitution test: Subtly invading a woman’s personal space to gauge how tener’s critical factor.

resistant she is to your touch.

Emotional impact: Achieving enough social intuition through experience in the field to emotionally affect most any woman.

Consumption: Taking value from your target through courting with no inten-Empathy: The ability to interpret emotional reactions, both positive and neg-tion of returning value.

ative, in those around you. An essential skill for every pickup artist.

Escalation: Making your interaction with a woman progressively more inti-Field-tested: A technique, routine, or method tried and proven effective mate, in increments, while gauging her receptiveness at each stage before mov-during actual approaches.

ing on to the next. By escalating gradually in this fashion, you avoid trigger-

ing her anti-slut defense. Once you’ve escalated to a certain point with a

woman and withdrawn without incident, future escalation is much easier. opening.”

Firm handshake: A handshake meant to convey confidence and establish so-Hey: A neutral opener beginning with “Hey,” followed by a question or com-cial dominance. Too firm, however, seems try-hard.

ment to start a conversation. For example, “Hey, how’s it going?”

Five-second rule: If you see an opportunity to open a set or approach a Hoop: A larger compliance test, where the target must jump through a rela-woman, you must do so within 5 seconds or you’ll experience approach tively significant “hoop” to please you or gain your interest. A series of suc-anxiety.

cessful hoops constitutes compliance momentum.

Flash game: Any routines, methods, or tactics that create a quick demonstra-Hot seat: Putting your wing or target in the spotlight by asking lots of tion of higher value.

questions to encourage them to share with the group. Keeping them there for

too long, though, becomes an interrogation.

Frame control: Imposing your reality on an interaction in a way that is accepted

and adopted by others. Whoever has the strongest frame in an interaction is said

Idle chatting: Casual conversation with a target that demonstrates social to be “controlling the frame.”

value but conveys little substance. Mostly filler.

Fragmenting: A rhetorical framing technique used to make a woman’s logical

Impasse: A point in an interaction where you’re at a loss as to how to pro-

objections seem trivial or silly.

ceed or which direction to take things. Creativity and experience help you push past impasses.

Friends first: An excuse employed by women in set who wish to avoid com-Indicator of interest (IOI): A cue, often unconscious, suggesting a woman’s plicating an interaction by introducing the possibility of romance or sex. romantic or sexual interest in someone, as through preening gestures, sustained

It’s a way for them to “let you down easy.” In reality, the romance was eye contact, light touching, leaning in, etc. When a woman tosses her hair, bats

there from the start, and she was interested but grew uncomfortable. her eyes, or touches your arm while speaking, those are IOIs.

Freeze-out: Suddenly ignoring a woman or withdrawing attention and affec-Instincts: Hardwired drives and behaviors that evolved in humans over vast

tion for a short time in order to regain control of the frame before she experiences buyer’s remorse or last-minute resistance. Also known as the takeaway.

stretches of time to ensure the survival and reproduction of the species. Pick-

up artists tap into these instincts through conversational tactics and methods that

Game: Any strategy, tactic, or technique applied for the purposes of seduction.trigger attraction.

Group dynamics: The compliance momentum, social value hierarchies, and

Intelligence: Possessing a wide range of knowledge, sharp wits, keen observa-other social forces at work within any group interaction. The capacity to understand and leverage group dynamics is essential to mastering advanced tion skills, sophisticated language abilities, and the like. High intelligence,

group theory.

though valuable in career and intellectual circles, does not necessarily translate

High-risk concepts: Ideas that increase minimum social risk where no addi-to facility with women. Success with women depends more on social intuition,

tional value is demonstrated to offset that risk. For example, “Let’s get out empathy, frame control, and other “people skills.”

of here” carries too much minimum social risk when used as an intriate (One indispensable human ability must be prioritized above all else: the capacity to understand the thinking and motivations of others. This is empathy.)

Jellyfish: A derogatory term for an AFC who lacks a strong reality or the Interloper: Someone, often a friend of the girl, entering your set and poten-ability to impose his will in a social interaction. He goes wherever the tide tially posing an obstacle. Dealing with interlopers is key to mastery of group

takes him. theory.

Jump-start: Using a false time constraint, opinion opener, or other tech-Last-minute resistance (LMR): A woman’s objections and reluctance to have sex,nique designed to start an interaction with momentum on your even after escalating to that point, due to anxiety over feeling like a “slut,” side. fear of pregnancy or disease, not being entirely comfortable with the guy yet,

Jump venue: Changing locations with your target in order to establish or for other reasons. It often comes on quite suddenly, as she’s about to pass more comfort through environmental changes. the point of no return.

Kino: Abbreviation for the word kinesthetics, referring to the sense of LMR bush-fire: Rapid-fire responses to a woman’s objections at a key mo-movement and physical interaction. Kino escalation, through light touches ment late in seduction meant to overcome her last-minute resistance in an and progressive physical intimacy, helps convince a woman her interest in authoritative fashion. The name comes from beating back brush fires, fueledever-increasing physical contact while explaining the sexual benefits to make it romantic)

you is mutual and helps combat LMR. Logistical problem: A plausible excuse for why sleeping with someone that night

Last-minute excuses: Statements women often make late in seduction to is unfeasible, even if only for appearance’s sake. For example:

justify not having sex that night without damaging her self-perception or • “I have to get up early.”

appearing prudish, such as needing to rise early the next morning, having • “My friend / roommate will wonder where I am.”

her period, etc. More often than not, they’re meant to be dismissed through

reassurance and reframing.

• “I don’t have a condom.”

Magic bullets: Shortcuts meant to circumvent the learning process required Minimal social risk: Anything that conveys value or demonstrates desirable to truly master seduction. In reality, there are no shortcuts; mastery can qualities with the smallest possible risk of embarrassment or loss of percep-only be achieved through diligent study and practice in the field.

tion. Minimal social risk is achieved through calibration, social intuition, frame

control, and a keen understanding of human instincts and desires.

Mechanics: The tangible tactics and techniques of seduction, including

everything from approaching to framing to escalating and handling LMR. Momentum: The ability to keep a flirtation or seduction progressing forward Mastering mechanics, though necessary, is not enough without also devel-at a rate commensurate with a target’s rising interest and comfort levels. If oping strong social intuition, empathy, frame control, and inner it progresses too quickly, you trigger LMR and ASD. If too slowly, you getgame. Caught up consoling a girl whose pet ferret just died might be building

Mei: Abbreviation for the word meta, which means something that refers to or rapid rapport through demonstrating empathy and compassion, but it lacks draws attention to itself. A memetic is any idea or concept that spreads momentum. You want to push forward, pull back, and push forward again

through society as people adopt and share it. Many pickup techniques and but escalate in increments.

methods have become memetic.

Natural: Someone with an inherent gift for success with women, usually as a

Memorized script: A scripted routine that has been memorized and re-

result of positive experiences with girls from an early age. Naturals

Here is a summary of the key terms:

Compliance threshold: The point at which a woman will or won’t do what you ask.

Emotional stimulation: Appealing to a woman’s feelings over reason.

Congruence testing: A woman screening a man to see if he can support and protect her.

End-game: The final stage of courtship.

Consistency principle: A woman acting consistently with how you’ve framed the interaction.

Engine of survival: Nature’s focus on reproduction for species survival.

External interrupt: Something abruptly changing a social dynamic.

False disqualifier: A line with a disarming effect that shows confidence and non-neediness.

False time constraint: Creating the illusion you’re leaving soon.

Fool’s mate: Sex-focused tactics, often only working on inebriated or extremely aroused women.

Fool’s mate fantasy: Expecting women to readily have casual sex. Not considered solid game.

Frame: The context and implication in what you say. Provides meaning to content.

Frame games: Behavioral cues conveying assumptions.

Freeze-out: Using disinterest signs to make a woman uncomfortable and train her out of bad behavior.

Friend: One afraid to express romantic intent after attraction building.

Friendship zone: Becoming so comfortable that a woman prefers non-sexual rapport.

Gaming locations: Places where romantic interactions will likely happen.

Great collapse: Illness, poverty, loneliness from unchecked negative spiraling.

Grounding: Giving context so a woman relates more to your reality.

Group theory: Applying social dynamics and the M3 Model to collections of people in public.

Having standards: Subtly conveying you’re selective and high-value.

Hierarchy of needs: Lower needs must be met before higher ones, per Maslow.

Hired gun: An attractive woman employed to generate interest, e.g. a hostess or model.

Hoop: Something to see if you’ll “jump” to prove yourself.

  • Have social proof by demonstrating your popularity and likability. Show that you have an active social life and friends. This makes you seem more desirable and attractive to others.

  • Ask questions about how people in a group know each other. This shows your social savvy and helps build connections.

  • Avoid being a “social robot” who lacks the ability to naturally connect with people. Build genuine rapport and connections.

  • Employ “solid game” by systematically progressing through the steps of meeting, attracting, and seducing romantic or sexual partners. The opposite is moving too quickly without proper technique.

  • Use a “wing” or friend to help support you in meeting potential partners. They can help start conversations, demonstrate your social value, and allow you to isolate a target.

  • Avoid “spiraling” by not neglecting key areas of focus in your interactions for too long. Maintain control of the interaction to keep progressing towards your goal.

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