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The key principles for success according to Napoleon Hill's lost writings are:

  1. Develop definiteness of purpose. Have a clear vision and definite goals. Success starts with knowing precisely what you want.

  2. Build a mastermind alliance. Surround yourself with like-minded people who share your purpose and goals. Their support and collaboration help achieve success.

  3. Apply faith. Believe in your purpose and vision. Faith inspires persistent action. Success comes from faith, not fear or doubt.

  4. Go the extra mile. Do more than expected or required. Exceed expectations in serving others. Going above and beyond leads to greater success.

  5. Develop a pleasing personality. Cultivate a positive, charismatic personality that attracts people and opportunities. Your personality opens doors.

  6. Show personal initiative. Act without being acted upon. Take responsibility for your life instead of waiting for opportunity. Success comes from action, not waiting.

  7. Maintain a positive mental attitude. Develop an optimistic mindset. Your attitude attracts according to the law of harmonious attraction. Success starts in the mind.

  8. Express enthusiasm. Show enthusiasm for your purpose and work. Enthusiasm spreads to others and inspires action. Lack of enthusiasm results in lack of achievement.

  9. Practice self-discipline. Develop willpower and self-control. Success comes from perseverance and the ability to stay focused on long-term goals.

  10. Think accurately. Learn to think logically and analyze situations properly. Your thoughts guide your actions, so think straight and make good choices.

  11. Focus your attention. Pay attention to important things that matter for your purpose. Don't get distracted by unimportant diversions. Your attention is a precious resource.

  12. Cultivate teamwork. Work cooperatively with others in a supportive manner. Your ability to lead and motivate people to work together determines your success and happiness.

  13. View adversity as learning. See failures and mistakes as opportunities to learn. Learn from them and persist despite setbacks. Success comes from persevering against defeat.

  14. Apply the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Develop mutually beneficial relationships through empathy, goodwill and kindness.

  15. Commit to constant self-improvement. Continuous learning and developing new skills are required to achieve your potential and accomplish mastery.

  16. Develop creative vision. Envision new possibilities and opportunities. See beyond current circumstances and limitations. Your creative vision expands your reality.

  17. Maintain good health. Your health and energy level impact your ability to achieve purpose and goals. Success requires physical vitality and stamina.

  18. Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Success comes from faith, not fear or doubt. Have faith in your purpose and vision. Self-faith inspires persistence and achievement.

    Here is a summary:

Napoleon Hill studied successful leaders and shared their strategies for achievement. His works have impacted millions. Key ideas include:

•Your mindset and beliefs shape your reality. Develop a burning desire, faith and persistence to achieve goals. Your mind is powerful; harness it to attract success.

•Have a definite, major purpose to motivate and direct you. Study successful people to adopt their habits and mindsets.

•Control your thoughts and self-talk. Feed your mind empowering messages to strengthen your confidence. Your thoughts attract like thoughts in others through suggestion and attraction.

•Build confidence through action. Step out of your comfort zone, face fears, and improve skills. Small wins build momentum and self-belief over time.

•Choose environments that support your goals. Form positive habits and relationships; break limiting ones. Repetition reinforces habits and memory.

•Use imagination, belief and persistence to unlock your mind’s power. Visualize future success to strengthen motivation. Develop faith in yourself through practice and repetition.

•Persuasion and cooperation are more powerful than force. Understand human needs and motivations. Frame messages to appeal to emotions and logic. Use stories and examples to persuade. Treat others with compassion, respect and kindness.

•The laws of cause and effect and compensation are absolute. You reap what you sow—negativity or positivity. Choose thoughts, words and deeds wisely. With practice and persistence, overcome adversity and achieve success.

•Follow the Golden Rule. Your actions have consequences, so choose them wisely. Treat others well and it will return to you. The Golden Rule leads to success, happiness, peace and prosperity. Apply it in all interactions and relationships.

This summary outlines Hill’s key principles for controlling your mindset, building belief in yourself, choosing positive environments and habits, harnessing persuasion, understanding universal laws, and achieving success through applying the Golden Rule. The timeless strategies in Think and Grow Rich continue to change lives.

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