FAST SUMMARY - Right Kind of Wrong_ The Science of Failing Well - Amy C. Edmondson



Here is a TLDR of the key points about situation unawareness and preventable failures:

  • Lack of situation awareness can lead to preventable failures due to overconfidence and naively seeing reality as more consistent/predictable than it is. This leads to underestimating uncertainty or danger.

  • Examples include underestimating the variable nature of familiar situations (leaving a child in a taxi), or becoming complacent about safety risks on a normally safe job.

  • The key is pausing to actively recognize contexts with higher uncertainty or danger, and proceeding with appropriate caution and vigilance. This helps avoid preventable harm or losses.

  • Elite failure practitioners build the habit of consciously assessing context and stakes, rather than relying on automatic assumptions. This allows them to match their approach to the situation to avoid unnecessary failures.

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