SUMMARY - Breakthrough Copywriting_ How To Generate Quick Cash With The Written Word - Garfinkel, David

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Effective offers present value to attract customers. There are product, service, and information product offers. A good offer shows what the customer can do with it and the benefits. It maximizes perceived value, for example through added materials. The goal is to clearly present value to justify the price and attract customers. Key aspects include benefits, bonuses, addressing questions like cost and guarantees. The overall message is the importance of clearly presenting value in the offer to engage customers.

Here are the key points about using "Your Unrecognized Greatness Has Been Discovered" as a theme in copywriting:

  • It taps into people's subconscious desire to feel recognized for their innate greatness or potential.

  • The copy establishes that taking the offered product/service will allow the reader to unlock or achieve something great about themselves.

  • Copywriters personalize how this greatness specifically applies to each reader in order to make it more compelling and motivating.

  • Successful examples show revealing one's hidden talents through things like investing insight or seminar qualifications.

  • When crafting the copy, start by meeting the reader where they're at, take them on an interesting journey of discovery, then motivate them to action by revealing how the offer unleashes their greatness.

  • Personalization, ease of achievement via the offer, and an enjoyable narrative are key to guiding readers with this psychological theme in a persuasive way.

    Here is a 198-word summary:

The goal of sales copy is to move the reader to take action. Every word should advance this goal in a clear yet engaging way. Address the reader directly using "you" and include emotional language to start a conversation. Only include information that leads toward a purchase.

Back up claims with proofs like statistics, case studies and testimonials. Readers want to feel confident in their decision. Maintain a conversational yet focused style. If content isn't moving the sale forward, remove it.

Make the desired action very clear. Provide an easy next step like "click here" or "call now." Eliminate any confusion in the purchase process. Remember, the copy must solve the customer's problem and show why your solution is the best.

Effective copywriting stems from passionate belief in your product. Understand customers deeply by researching their true needs and pain points. Communicate clear value through relatable benefits. Write from the reader's perspective to build credibility and trust. Continually develop skills with practice and mentorship. The goal is simple - motivate action through engaging yet results-focused writing.

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