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Here's a summary:

  • The author is an optimistic person who tries to find the positive in every situation. He believes his optimism and charisma have led to his success and appeal to women.

  • As an experiment, the author tried finding something positive in every negative situation for 30 days. After 3 months, this optimistic outlook became habitual. This transformed him into an incredibly happy and positive person.

  • After not dating for over a year, the author went to a club opening. Though rusty, he approached two women, a blonde and an Asian girl, with exaggerated stories and inappropriate comments to get their attention. Though his game was off, the girls stuck around.

  • He invited the blonde girl to get manicures. Though he didn't think he did well, she gave him her number. They got manicures, but when asked if they were together, she said they were just friends. He expected little to come of it given his poor performance.

  • He invited her and her friends to try miracle berries. She came. Though hesitating, he didn't kiss her.

  • The key points are: 1) The author is an optimistic person who sees the positive in life. 2) He did an experiment to become more optimistic and positive. 3) After a long break from dating, he picked up two women at a club, though his game was off. 4) He went on a date with the blonde girl but didn't kiss her. 5) His positivity and charisma attract women, though his skills were rusty after time off from dating.

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Here is a summary:

The key takeaways are:

  1. Don’t worry if a girl doesn’t ask for your number. If she was interested, she would have asked. And if she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t answer your call anyway.

  2. When leaving, say you’re leaving and it was nice meeting her, but you’ll likely never see each other again. This prompts her to ask why not and request your number.

  3. Make it a bit difficult to get your number by objecting at first that she’s drunk, you don’t have your phone, etc. Eventually give your number and get hers.

  4. Call her soon after getting her number. Calling, hanging up, and calling right back makes her more likely to answer. And leave a voicemail.

  5. A dramatic farewell showing you expect to never see her again makes her realize the opportunity to stay in contact may be fleeting. This, combined with calling soon, gives her a sense of urgency to stay in touch.

The key lessons are to not seem overly eager by making light objections to giving out your number, create a sense of urgency, call at a time she is likely to answer, and leave a personal voicemail to demonstrate your interest. By following these principles, you maximize the likelihood that she will respond positively to your call. Let me know if you would like me to clarify or expand on any part of this summary.

Here is a summary:

If she does not answer your second call or text:

•Don't contact her again. Wait for her to reach out to you. Continuing to call or text after she has not responded risks seeming needy or desperate.

•Focus on yourself and your own life. Go out with friends, pursue your hobbies and interests, work on personal projects. Do not make your happiness dependent on her response.

•Be prepared for the possibility she may not call back at all. As difficult as this may be, try not to take it personally. There are many possible reasons she did not respond that have nothing to do with you.

•If she does eventually call back, do not show anger or frustration over her lack of response. Greet her warmly as if nothing is wrong. Let her make the next move in rekindling your connection.

•Learn from this experience. In the future, avoid calling or texting multiple times without a response. Give the other person adequate space and do not come across as overly eager or pushy, especially early on.

•Remember, you cannot control how others act, you can only control your own reactions and responses. Do not give anyone else power over your self-worth or emotional state. Remain confident and maintain healthy boundaries.

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